Prof Chukwuma Soludo has shown leadership . He has proven that it takes purposeful and visionary Leadership to win the hearts of the people . Again , he has confirmed that a servant Leadership carries the cross of the people and listen to their cries . By that singular step to visit MNK in DSS dungeon , Prof Soludo has shown other south eastern Governors that political power belongs to the people. Yes , democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people . Love MNK or hate him ,he has become the symbol of justice which Nigeria State abhors . You may not like MNK unguarded utterances ,but his message connects with the street.

With the visit and several accompanying pictures,Prof Soludo has exposed the lies coming from MNK information managers that DSS is torturing KANU. In fact ,looking at KANU healthy appearance, many of us are beginning to find ways to provoke FGN in order to end up in DSS detention facility. It seems there is special budgetary allocation for prisoners in DSS detention.

Now ,the question is what next ? Would Soludo visit mark the end of Monday sit at home ? Capital no as Simon Ekpa Auto pilot IPOB has taken charge of the struggle! Would Soludo visit stop men inside bushes from terrorizing innocent people? No again because they have become emboldened ,taken cover under genuine agitation for self determination to establish multi-billion naira business franchise ! Would Soludo visit endear him to Biafra online warriors ? No because that set of people will continue to blackmail Soludo to remain in business, like Oliver Twist ,they will continue to ask for some more ,setting impossible task for Soludo. Would Soludo visit facilitate MNK release? Not sure! What if MNK is released tomorrow, would peace be restored? No as other groups will overthrow MNK once he goes soft.

Now ,what is the way- forward for Prof Soludo after the historical DSS visit ? Give Ndigbo 21st century Good Governance and public accountability . Millions of Ndigbo both at home and across the globe believe in Prof Soludo leadership qualities and no excuse ,not even the minimal insecurity in Anambra , can justify nonperformance . Nobody should tell us that Obiano emptied the State accounts. As a Professor of economics, Soludo knows how to attract billions to kick start his revolutionary manifesto. There are thousands of Anambrians who have contacted BVI Channel 1 online asking for a dedicated account to support Soludo developmental initiatives! Keke drivers are happy that Soludo has performed miracle by sacking touts out the roads,they are waiting patiently for an instruction to start paying their levies. Mechanics scattered everywhere in the state are waiting for master plan for mechanic villages in three senatorial zones. Our Abattoirs are ugly sight to behold , the Butchers are waiting for government intervention. What of waste management, housing ,public school ,general hospitals etc .The list is endless ,these places have direct impact on the ordinary people lives . Soludo should visit Mgbuka ,Obosi to have first hand information on how human beings are treated like common animals . Soludo should face the masses on weekly radio programs to interact with the people on the street . Holding townhall meetings with the elites is good but cannot get the attention of the aggrieved and angry people on the street.The people sustaining Nnamdi KANU brand are not government or elites but those ordinary people on the street .

Let Soludo get connected to the ordinary people through ABS radio and begin to solve their problems ,that way ,they will forget about sit at home. Finally ,If Nnamdi KANU is released tomorrow ,let nobody be deceived that peace will be restored ,what will restore peace is good governance and public accountability! Let Soludo declare the financial status of the State as he promised during campaign and give monthly financial report . With utmost sincerity ,it is very easy to govern our dear people.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is the Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry


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