The protest in Enugu state by the Enugu Residents against Peter Mbah for Sealing their shops has resulted to an innocent citizen loosing his life to the law enforcement agencies.

It’s quite unfortunate that a promising future and destiny has been cut short.

Peter Mbah definitely wouldn’t have it easy with the people of Enugu state with the way he is going.

Meanwhile, the 5 eastern Governors know exactly what to do to end the precarious sit-at-home…

Locking of people’s shop can never be a solution to this as you can force people to go home but can never force someone to come out…..

Someone wrote :

A young man has just been gunned down for joining the ongoing protests at Ogbete market, Enugu. Why were they protesting? They were protesting against the sealing of shops by Peter Mbah; a directive which he gave to discourage sit at home. You want to end sit-at-home, yet, you lock up people’s shops? You see why some of us continue to decry the high-handness of these politicians, especially, the wicked and illegitimate ones? And as for the stupid, trigger-happy and untrained cowards that have been empowered with guns and uniforms by their fellow cultists, may you also meet violent ends. I hope the rest of the protesters were able to catch that unfortunate shooter and make him face the law.


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