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Regional Autonomy Will End Looting -Obumneke Okafor

A couple of local companies in Nigeria export cement and also sell it in local market. The companies generate billions of dollars from limestone (cement) business annually and the generated revenue goes to federal government instead of the states that have the solid mineral. Federal government gives the states peanuts from the revenue generated from limestone business. This explains why states like Kogi cannot pay salary of their workers. The above fraud by federal government of Nigeria is one out of many.

Similar shortchange is happening in all government businesses and in almost all states in Nigeria. The federal government takes our collective wealth and gives states about 10% of generated revenue. This makes it impossible for most states to maintain their old infrastructure, build new ones and social amenities or take care of their recurrent expenditure. “Monkey dey work and baboon dey chop.” The cabals that control Nigeria’s unitary government take over 70% of our common wealth and share among themselves. This must be stopped.


Regional autonomy will end this open looting by the cabals of unitary government. In autonomous regions, states will takeover control of their resources. They will create jobs, generate revenue, take over 50% of the generated revenue, while the remaining will be shared by  central government and regional government.

Who will ask for our freedom again? Who shall be in senate and consistently move motions for autonomous regions for ethnic nationalities in Nigeria? We need a Pa Enahoro of our time in senate. A man has been crying like John De Baptist cried in the wilderness. Have you heard his voice?

Join Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor to make the return to regional government possible. Be a disciple of regional autonomy by sharing our messages. You can edit our messages, but keep the main message which is – call for autonomous regions in Nigeria.

Tomorrow’s Daily Breakfast will give us more insights and solutions. You can assist and make more people hear the voice of freedom of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor on radio and television Daily Breakfast.



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