Good Governance Ministry(GGM) has said that regionalism is the best option for the problem in Nigeria.

According to the group,before Nigeria can be salvaged, it must rid itself of fundamental and structural imbalances like so many other countries like USA, Switzerland,Brazil ,Indian UK , Ethiopia etc.

The Leader of the group – Chinedu Asuzu stated this on Friday while speaking at a Zoom meeting with stakeholders on finding permanent solution to restore peace in our environment.

Comrade Asuzu lamented that Nigeria has passed through difficult moments with various challenges bedeviling the country but added that there is a need for proper cleansing of our political system to guarantee equity , fairness, justice and good Governance .

According to him, “Nigeria must rise above primordial sentiments and ethnic politics. There is a need for a complete overhauling of the structure and system of government. Let the new crop of politicians chart a new course by embracing regionalism as a panacea to salvage Nigeria’s future.

“My stand on regionalism is based on the ideology whereby the federating units are allowed to develop at their own pace and this will encourage competition and production .

“Democracy thrives in a country where the majority of the people have their ways of determining the quality of their lives. Democracy is the best form of government when the leaders place the general good of the people above theirs.

“That is when there is unity, peace and tranquillity in the country. But in a situation where there is prolonged hardship, both economic, social and political tension and insecurity, the purpose of government is defeated.” Asuzu concluded


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