BVI Channel 1 Online published the above news report as forwarded by Hon Arinze Awogu. Reactions have been hitting our news desk since the publication. One of the Readers challenged Hon Awogu for a radio live program on the issue.

However ,it is important to set the record straight; earning 13% derivation is as a result of the combined efforts of members of Anambra state Oil and Gas Committee, Special Adviser Legal Matters and Petroleum Resources under former Governor Obiano and present relevant Ministry in Prof. Soludo government. We can also confirm that Anambra State has earned over N1 billion in 13 % derivation since July 2022.
The 1st oil from OML 143 was reported on 27th November, 2021.

Being an oil producing state does not automatically confer membership of NDDC. Efforts are ongoing to amend the NDDC act to admit Anambra State as an NDDC member state.


Maureen Okafor Reporting for BVI Channel 1 online


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