In a Memorandum on the future of Alaigbo in Nigeria released to the press,Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)  presented two simple options to the People ; Viz

First Option

1.To Reconstitute Nigeria as Federal Union of Autonomous Regions.The Union shall be held together by the hallowed principle of Self Determination.Nigeria should be a Country in which all the Autonomous Regions have freely chosen to live together.In other words,Nigeria is not a Federal Union created by Conquest or Annexation.Any member of the Autonomous Region shall be free to opt out of the Federal Union ,if it so wishes

Second Option

2. This is option of Freedom from Slavery.Instead of staying in the Nigeria Federation under the present conditions analogous to conquered peoples,whose lives do not count,slaves deprived of fundamental rights to life and property,Ndigbo would Opt out of the Nigerian Federation and establish ;The Republic Of Alaigbo or The Republic of Biafra.

Details of the structure of the new federation were captured in the booklet-Memorandum of ADF on the Future of Alaigbo in Nigeria personally signed by Prof Uzodinma Nwala (ADF President) and Prof Nath Aniekwu (ADF Secretary) dated Dec 21,2017 and made available to the Public.

It should be recalled that Prof Uzodinma Nwala-The President of Alaigbo Dev Foundation has previously led the group to United Nations and US Congress to make representation on the plight of Ndigbo in Nigeria.

BVI Channel 1 gathered from reliable source that Alaigbo Dev foundation is leading a coalition of other organisations in the former eastern Nigeria to press for immediate restructuring of Nigeria.Both local and International lobbying are ongoing according to the source who wants to remain anonymous .

Ndubuisi reporting for BVI Channel 1


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