Restructuring won’t Divide the Country- Chris Okotie

Reverend Chris Okotie. the founder of Household of God Church has stated that restructuring Nigeria will not lead to recession.

This was made known on Wednesday by his media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji via a statement signed and released to newsmen

The interim government campaigner allayed thefears of those who think that any attempt to restructure the country would lead to disintegration.

Okotie, who has been campaigning for theinauguration of an interim government with themain objective of restructuring the country, said his concept of Aboriginal Democracy upon whichhe anchors the restructuring of the federation, would address all the prevailing defects in thecurrent system and usher in a new era of politicalstability for Nigeria,” the statement partly read.
It further revealed that Okotie has “observed that his quest to lead the interim government being proposed is to ensure that, as an impartial arbiter, he would join other stakeholders to ensure that the future of the country is preserved in an atmosphere of justice, equity, and fairness.”
Thestatement continued, “He noted also that theresistance to restructuring in certain quarters is because of fears that such an exercise would disfavor one ethnic group or spark off another civil war.


The Reverend insists that the present Presidential system which has created a dysfunctional federation, corruption, top-heavy government, agitations, and protests over alleged marginalization, has divided the nation along ethnic and religious lines.

He argued that, with Aboriginal Democracy, all the prevailing fault -lines would be addressed to the satisfaction of all Nigerians because they would be the architects of the new constitution.


“He again warned that, should the 2023 general election be held without first restructuring thecountry, the post-COVID socio-political and economic crisis currently sweeping through theworld would have a more devastating effect on our country because the present weak governance structure can’t cope with such monumental problems.”



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