The Labour party, LP has reviewed the initial gubernatorial form fee which was N25 million naira to N15Million naira after they received some serious backlash from GGM and other Obidient groups . Note that Good Governance Ministry has written Labour party Secretariat demanding for downward review of Gubernatorial nomination fee for imo state from N25M to below N5M .

GGM advised Labour party to urgently commence nationwide reform within the Party to ensure that internal democracy is allowed to succeed . In response to call from Obidient groups including GGM ,Labour party responded swiftly through Kenneth Okonkwo
“After due consultation with all the relevant stakeholders in the Party, and taking into consideration the overwhelming interest of Nigerians in our Party,and the necessity to birth a new Nigeria, and in view of the prevailing high cost of things in Nigeria,which the incompetent APC ruling party has foisted on all Nigerians, the Labour Party, as a listening Party, has taken note of the suggestions of Nigerians that a party of the working class Nigerians should settle for a nomination fee of not more than N15m for the post of a Governor . In line with our avowed disposition to carry Nigerians along in what we do, the Party has decided to review the cost of nomination forms downwards for all positions taking into consideration the suggested amount of N15m for the post of Governor. We must move together to salvage our country from incompetent and dishonest leadership of the old order”

However ,it is the opinion of GGM that if Labour party is attractive ,ordinary Nigerians will fund the party. Nomination fee should not be a major source of revenue for the party . Those coming to be elected should be seen as the servant of the people , therefore ,we are not looking for moneybags.

Labour party should reduce operational cost in line with prevailing economic realities.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes for GGM


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