Rufai Blast Tinubu for Using Abusive Words During Rally

Nigerian journalist and presenter, Oseni Rufai, while speaking at the Arise TV morning show, condemned the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for using words like “don’t even mention that party” and “tier-tier umbrella” during presidential rallies.

Rufai stated that it is very wrong to use vulgar and abusive words during rallies. He further stated that it would be better if candidates could just focus on their political ambitions rather than insulting other candidates.

According to him, “I think when people show you who they are, believe them.” And this is a representation of our political class. And these are people that want to run Nigeria, a country that is already on its knees as we speak. a country that is suffering. “It is a sad reminder of the kind of political call that we have.”

I condemn in totality the PDP campaign’s claim that the APC presidential candidate is a comedian. I also condemn in totality what the APC presidential candidate has constantly done, namely, abuse his political adversaries. words like they would labor in vain. Words like “don’t even mention that name” words like “tier-tier umbrella.” “Words like that are not good.”



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