Let everybody  join hands in achieving a peaceful and  liveable Anambra State and the entire Igbo land that we all desire..

Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is fighting to end this Sit-at-home and other Governors. You as a business owner should not allow those working for salary to keep deceiving us to stay at home every Monday, just because they don’t want to go to work.

Calculate the numbers of Mondays we have lost in the past two years and check if the Sit-at-home has made FGN to release Nnamdi Kanu.. We are not strategic and have simply played into the hands of Fraudsters masquerading as freedom fighters.

Imagine main market ,onitsha and other big markets in onitsha and Nnewi closing for Business every Monday in the last two years because of an order from a riffraff in Finland.

Nnamdi Kanu himself has said we should end the Sit-at-home because it is not yielding any positive results for his release but the míschievious Simon Ekpa, who is not even in Nigeria but in Finland scamming people, extorting from his misinformed followers with fake news, claiming that he is supporting Biafra.

Why can’t he come back to Nigeria and join this agitation, if he is a true supporter of Biafra?Simon Ekpa  is doing his business every Monday in Finland where he is living with his family . Ndị Igbo, let’s help ourselves.

Note this ,Ebonyi State is not sitting at home . Simon Ekpa is from Ebonyi state. Umuahia is not sitting at home . Nnamdi Kanu is from Umuahia. Asaba is not sitting at home . Asaba is in Biafraland. Then ,who is deceiving who? Those promoting sit at home every monday for the past two years are enemies of Biafra people . They want to destroy our homeland in the name of freedom fighting . We are Ndigbo ,we are special people .

This message is coming from Good Governance Ministry (GGM)



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