It is incontrovertible that the floating of a security outfit in a country without securing proper approval or clearance from the relevant agencies is nothing but challenging the sovereignty of that State. Floating a security outfit in a Sovereign nation without following the due process is an embarrassing act which no State can tolerate because such act can be interpreted as a challenge to the territorial integrity of the State. Take it or leave it, such is nothing but an invitation for war.

A State whose territorial integrity is threatened to such extent by a clandestine security outfit will never take it lightly but will certainly descend heavily on such security organization to crush it with all its might.

The recent act of floating a Biafran security outfit can be seen as a security threat to the national integrity of Nigeria and an invitation for anarchy, hell and armageddon.

Obviously, if proper actions are not quickly taken to forestall any possible break down of law and order which may crop up in our region due to such brazen act of our brothers, the weak and the innocent could become an unfortunate victims of the consequences of that act.

According to a Law maxim, ‘those consenting (to a crime) and those perpetrating it (the crime) are embraced in the same punishment (consentientes et agentes pari poen plencitentur).

Therefore, we cannot wait until this unlawful deed hurts our entire region before we take action. Again, a Latin maxim says;, ‘Error qui non ressistitur approbatur ( an error not resisted is approved). It is equally said that ‘Qui tacet consetire videtur’ which means, silence gives consent or he who is silent appears to consent. If therefore we keep mute without condemning and disassociating ourselves from that deed, it could be interpreted by anyone to mean that we acquiesced (consented) to such act.

To this effect, issuing of a DISCLAIMER by the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CG-IPOB) is the wisest and proper action to take so as to dissociate her subjects and all members of her various arms from such crime which remains a crime against a State. Not to do this, will certainly expose CG-IPOB and her subjects to the same punishment and consequences that await the actual offenders.

It should be noted that the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CG-IPOB) has adopted the Legal Methodology which includes the Political method, the Judicial method and the Diplomatic method. In line with her Judicial method, CG-IPOB is already in Court in the matter of Customary Law, Suit No FHC/CS/103/2019: Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra v Federal Republic of Nigeria & the Attorney-General of the Federation. Therefore, CG-IPOB will not close eyes and watch any misdeed that is capable of causing serious mischief to her Legal methodology. It cannot permit any misconduct that is equally capable of misinforming the general public about her. Again, CG-IPOB will not accept or condone any unlawful act that is effectively capable of denting her image directly or indirectly.

CG-IPOB will at any time, expressly frown at any unlawful conduct that has the potentiality of misrepresenting her or any of her organs before the international community, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and before the general public. This is why the Customary Government of IPOB deemed it very necessary to issue the disclaimer.

Now, for those that are celebrating that the floating of such security outfit is a welcome development, they should quickly take this maxim home: ‘Quod contra legem fit, pro infecto habetur’, – which means, ‘what is done contrary to the law, is considered as not done’. For no one can derive any advantage from such (unlawful) act.

Ofcourse, none can derive any advantage from such (unlawful) act because it is obvious thatthat the perpetrators completely lack any legal force to operate. Hence, whatever be their act, is in the eyes of the law, an exercise in futility and in all circumstances null and void and of no lawful effect. Therefore, that act of floating a security outfit remains a nullity in its entirety.

Lets be guided.


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