Press Statement 19/05/2017

Customary Government Of Indigenous People of Biafra.

It has become extremely necessary to respond to insinuation from online media propagandists that Customary Government of IPOB has abandoned the Biafra restoration for party politics. This is a mere propaganda coming from those who are ignorant of the operations of the Biafra De facto Government. It may not be necessary to join issues with those who are in the habit of confusing the public that freedom fighting has nothing to do with politics, or those who believe that civil disobedience through boycotting of election.sit at home, rejecting the Nigeria constitution would attract the attention of the world powers to conduct referendum.

Customary Govt of IPOB wishes to remind us that there are many ways to kill a stubborn rat. It is not good enough to discredit others who have chosen their own path, perhaps, it should be noted that all routes are needed to complement one another. It is important, therefore to remind the public that we have remained consistent with our approved methodology to restore Biafra .

Upon all odds against us, all manners of distractions and intimidation , the legal battle between the indigenous people of Biafra being represented by Bilie Human Rights and Federal Republic of Nigeria has continued at Federal High Court, Owerri .The court case has opened new windows for the indigenous people of Biafra. On the Customary Government getting involved in the Nigeria politics,the public should note that we have gotten to the stage where Biafran activists should go into Nigeria Politics to pass the CUSTOMARY GOVERNMENT OF IPOB Bill into law.

Biafran activists go in private to beg politicians for money but with this open declaration,Biafran activists are expected to take leadership positions to practice what they preach. However, it is not the institution of Customary Govt of IPOB that will dissolve into Political Party. The Customary Customary of IPOB as a De facto Government of Biafrans is independent of political activities in Nigeria. As a Government, Customary Govt will not limit herself to one party but may have sympathy with a Party or parties that share the same ideology of self determination .

It is on record that Biafran activists have been advised to infiltrate all the political parties in Nigeria .It is also, on record that only UPP has openly associated herself with a Biafra movement-MOBIN. Others are too afraid to come near the word ‘ BIAFRA ‘ at the open but would always tell you that they are all Biafrans in secret. We want men and women of courage who will support us at the open and dawn the consequence.

Finally, it should be noted that we do not expect a sitting Governor to lead the struggle to restore Biafra. It is an independent and a recognised De Facto Government of IPOB that would stand as a vehicle to drive Biafrans to the promise land.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu                                                                                                                                                                             Director-Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB.


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