Shame: APC Renting Crowd for Rally- Charly Boy

The popular activist shared a video which captured a man in a vehicle giving out N1,000 each to those on board who were wearing APC caps and T-shirts on his Twitter handle.

The well-known Nigerian artist Charles Oputa, often known as Charly Boy or Area Fada, has leveled accusations against the APC.

The performer said that the All Progressives Congress, or APC, paid people to attend its political events.

The well-known activist posted a video of a man in a car giving out N1,000 bills to passengers wearing APC T-shirts and hats on his Twitter account.

He added that the APC had turned Nigeria into the “Poverty Capital of the World” by destroying the country’s economy.

‘APC paying money to rent audience for their rallies,’ he wrote. What a loss. They initially established the nation as the Poverty Capital of the World, and they now brazenly openly hire crowds for their demonstrations.

Anyway, get your cash, but get up.”

Instead of oppressing the people, you should use your power for their benefit! Release Aminu!



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