I revolved in utter anger when a friend of me invited me for what he described as a very important occasion. His name is, Biodun Daramola . He asked me to come over to the Ikeja residence of Gani Adams, to see how my traditional rulers and leaders of my land would disgrace themselves and make mockery of their positions.

I arrived the Abule Palace of the newly AreO Kakanfo of Yoruba land, Gani Admas and took a wait. Few minutes later, the following men wearing red caps arrived; Eze Ndigbo of Ikeja, Mr Uche Dimgba; the Eze Ndigbo of Gbogbo, Mr Livinus Chimezie; Eze of Coker/Aguda, Mr Jude Ezego; Eze of Ojodu, Mr Augustine Ebisi; Eze Peter Umeh of Mushin, Odiolowo, Iganmu land, Ejigbo, Agbado Oke odo and the Eze of Iba among others.

They came to pay homage to Gani Adams, pledging to work with him. They stood up before Gani. Each of this claimant talked grossly tracing his history and sojourn in Yoruba land and his various escapades. They came short of acknowledging that life would have been meaningless to them without Lagos.

I sat somewhere watching these men make mockery of the beads, the staff and the cap they adorned. I watched as adults struggle for bottles of Hennessy 2.0 and campari. I grieved when men who ordinarily would have known better reduced themselves before a celebrated tout. Gani, a street guy knew the game well well. He called each of the Ezes one after the other, to be sure that they came with their senses. He made each stood up for three to five minutes. At the end, he told them that the Igbos in Lagos must support OPC
Gani Adams was a cobbler; an opportunist who found his name during the long agitation that followed the June 12. He was a street guy; an omonile sort of, a locally brought up dude who became protected by the Yoruba intelligentsia. With half education and exposure, he became the leader of a terrorist group; the Odua Peoples Congress.

Unlike Nnamdi Kanu, Gani never went beyond JSS 3 and never traveled farer than Benin. His group is armed; declared her republic, adorns her offices with her flags; has her national anthems and other insignia; runs a parallel court, police and security. Odua People’s Conference was twice listed by the United Nations Congressional Arms Inquiries as terrorist group. It was noted as a ;very dangerous group that resist government programmeS and activities in South West.

Odua People’s Congress has been fingered in virtually all crises in Yoruba land. The group fights both the traditional and political groups in the land. They are either kicking against the policy of a given state government or working against one paramount Oba or the other. They burnt police stations, sacked Local government councils, intimidated the judiciary and ransacked public offices. In all these, neither the South West governors nor the Federal government has declared them a terrorist group.

The Eze ndi Igbos, in Lagos visited ani Adams and pledged allegiance and loyalty to him. This is shameful.

These Ezes are disgrace to the Igbos. This visit is avoidable and reprehensible. For what purpose.

The traditional leadership in Igboland abandoned Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB claiming that he disrespected them. Does OPC and Gani Adams respect Yoruba Obas

The Alafin of Oyo who honored the terrorist, Gani Adams with the highest title in Yoruba land was a victim of his impunity. We know the incidence that took place at the Maro Hall, Ibadan in 2016, when thugs loyal to the OPC leader removed the crown of the Alafin.
The Igbo elites criticise Kanu and accused him of being self opinionated and pompous. What do we say about Gani Adams. I am yet to read from any Yoruba writers on the excesses of Gani Adams.

The same Ibo leaders who abandoned Kanu have converged at the palace of Gani Adams.
All these men, these hungry adults who made this journey should be banished. These are the same group of people who will keep working against the interest of Igbos in Lagos State. They are ready to sell their people in order to get temporary favours in Lagos State. Without shame and with no subject; with no legitimate means of livelihood, some of these Lagos Ezes sniff around for any place where they can gulp down a bottle of Campari on any sunny day. SHAME ON THESE FELLOWS. I am sure to meet any of these Ezes some other place soon.

~ curled from Modesty Vitus M Ezenwa


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