According to the time table released by INEC, Ndi Anambra will on November 6, 2021 have a date with history. With the sad effect of Covid19 on the world economy this election calls for sober reflection. Beyond rhetorics and grandstanding Anambra should look for a man with the capabilities to improve the infrastructure deficit that currently bedevils most states in Nigeria. We need a man who can build our roads and stabilize our security network. A man with the economic wand to improve the State GDP through policies that stimulate economic growth and shore up the State’s IGR. Industrialize the State through PPP so as to provide employment for our teeming youths. Sustain payment of workers’ salaries and pensions.

Anambra wants a visioner who does not have to wait every month for Federal Government Allocation before carring out developmental plans for his people.
This task requires an egg hesd like Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Odenigbo Aguata na Orumba. He is a multi-dimensional professional with top of the mountain credentials. He works practically round the clock tirelessly. A technocrat that has the capacity and intellect to turn Anambra State to a model State.
As the Economic Adviser to former President Obasanjo, Soludo conceptualized the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS). It was known as SEEDS and LEEDS at the states and local government levels. It was domesticated as Anambra Integrated Development Strategy (ANIDS) in this State. It promoted the simultaneous development of all sectors of the State economy.
As the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria he broke the myth surrounding the management of the nation’s Apex Bank. He revolutionalised Nigeria’s financial powerhouse, and made its governance flow with the tenacity of an electric clock. He theorised the vision. He catalyzed it. At CBN, Soludo came,saw and actually conquered. Little wonder today, Nigerians deposit their hard earned money in Soludo’s recapitalized banks and sleep with their two eyes closed unlike the situation before he came on board.
His international connections which shall be of immense benefits to the Light of the Nation State cannot be over emphasized. Anambra State cannot afford to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity of exploiting the goodwill of Prof. Soludo amongst international financial institutions. Just yesterday, his colleague, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was appointed the Director General of World Trade Organization (WTO). With Soludo at the helm of affairs, WTO is waiting for Anambra to harness. European Central Bank President and former Chair and Managing Director of IMF, Christine Lagarde has been a long time working partner of our own Charles Soludo; in sum, Anambra State should pluck these hanging fruits with both hands. The positive spin off of these working relationship on the economy of Anambra State’s Entrepreneurs, Traders, MSME, and Artisans shall be great.
It was the above backdrop that propelled professionals from the State who hitherto been out of politics, to resolve to take part in the State’s political process, hence the formation of Soludo Promoters Forum (SPF) with Chief Joe Anatune, an indefatigable worker and prolific writer as its Natural Coordinator. Today, the message of SPF, which is total support for Soludo is moving with the speed of a hurricane throughout the State. Idemili North and South with over 20 percent of the State’s registered voters have since joined the movement seeking for purposeful leadership for Ndi Anambra. Yes, come this weekend the two LGs will host this man of uncommon courage, prudent manager of resources, incredibly creative mind, visioner of a new Anambra Megacity in Ideani at the countryhome of an ardent Apostle of the Soludo vision, Ide Chief Leon Mezue. Prof. Joe Ogbuefi, great mobiliser and an undiluted disciple of the vision shall be on hand to welcome Prof. C.C. Soludo and his friends, able led by Chief Joe Anatune to Idemili, land of progress. Ndi Anambra, no matter your party leaning lets join hands and do it together.

Mark Uzuagu



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