Soludo has to work hard to win the people confidence in Government operations. Obiano Administration destroyed people confidence in Government. Most people that worked with Obiano lacked understanding of the business of governance . They see public offices as avenue to amass wealth .

Most of the Revenue Agents were fronts for govt officials . ASWAMA has failed to evacuate refuse because of failed contracts by the previous administration.

Soludo is in a fix – to part with Obiano and stay with the people or to please Obiano and lose the people support.

The Revenue House in Anambra headed by Mr Madiebo ,unfortunately is using fraudulent records generated by Obiano government to set Soludo Government up against the people.

How Soludo handles revenue issues will determine how the public perceive his administration.

Already ,Prof Soludo has failed to take charge of Monday activities . Non- State Actors are still in charge as Soludo has failed to address the poverty situation among the populace .People have started losing hope with Soludo Administration. Revenue agents are going about the street ‘terrorizing’ the poor traders seizing their properties with Ocha Brigade without caring to follow due processes which Soludo promised . People will pay tax willingly when they trust their Government.

It is not yet late for Soludo Government to do the right thing as promised. Effort should be made to narrow the communication gap between the people and Government.


Ndubuisi Anenugwu writes from Awka


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