Soludo’s relationship and high regard for the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (Ezeigbo gburu gburu), transcends mere face print on APGA’s ankara, as some of our brothers in the opposition has tried to erroneously depict.

They argue that the disappearance of Ojukwu’s face on APGA’s uniform, meant that Soludo had no regard for Ojukwu and the history APGA. Fallacy!

Infact, if I am in the position to make decisions for APGA, I would permanently cease printing people’s faces on the APGA uniform. I would only recommend we print the APGA logo (gaint rooster). Take for instance, all the APGA Ankara printed during Peter Obi’s tenure with his face on them, are all a waste today, simply because he has left the party.

Also note that Ozonkpu Victor Oye, has never had his face on APGA uniform, unlike his predecessor, Distinguished Sen. Victor Umeh. Does that in anyway make Ozonkpu less a Chairman than Ohamadike? No!!

Soludo’s reverence for the late Ojukwu, is deep, so deep that in July 2008, during Soludo’s Birthday, the Late Ikemba, visited him with what has become his most cherished birthday gift (see picture attached).

Two elephants locking their horns. A gift the late Ikemba, gave him in recognition of his immediate and potential roles in the repositioning Ndi Igbo in Nigeria. A gift he gave also, in acknowledgement of the indomitable “I CAN DO” Igbo spirit of Dikeudo Isuofia (Soludo).

There are few, very few indeed, Nigerians that got such a personal/emotional accolade from the late Igbo warrior, Ikemba. Not even those pitching the masses against Soludo for what he knows nothing about.

Ossy Onuko writes from Awka.


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