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Stop Professional Praise Singers-Ndubuisi Advises Political Leaders


I feel so sad that our present crop of political leaders at all levels have not learnt anything from recent history.I really feel that there is indeed evil spirit attacking our political Leaders whenever they get into political office .Reuben Abati once told battered Nigerians that strong evil powers abound inside Aso Villa.Many called him names then.

From my personal research ,I have been able to deduct that the evil spirit is the people outside power.Let me say that I sympathize with the President,The Governors,The Senators, The Honorable Members .You need to sympathize with these people.The condition  of our political Leaders is like driving a Bus whose body was built and constructed with wooden materials instead of metal.The Conductor and few passengers are enjoying the drive but the Driver is afraid of the obvious but could not stop since many are not complaining of the danger ahead .The Passengers and Conductor are professional praise singers !
The kind of professional praise singers we have within the political circle is rather most unprecedented. Have we actually lost our senses! I am bothered that even those who should know better ,those who have travelled  to foreign countries to study the way of white people are all guilty of praise singing directly or indirectly. As Head of Operations in the Bank then,I have always advised my Staffers to criticize me,my work strategy and style.I have always encouraged them to feel free to question my actions.
Presently ,I always caution those with praise singing altitude around me.Be real and do your work .Let your good work speak for you.This cankerworm called Praise Singing is the evil spirit is the villa and Governors’ lodges.As human,you are bound to get confused .
Those who attended townhall meeting organised by Anambra State Association of Town Unions at Dora Akunyili conference centre,Awka last Saturday for Anambra  Central Senatorial Zone would agree with me that the people on the floor were never given opportunity to express their views on the topic of that day- Democracy,The People,and Our Collective Aspirations.As usual,it turned out to be a platform for self glorification and a platform for praise singing,at the end,nobody gave microphone to the ordinary people that had to forgo other important engagements to be part of town hall meeting.I will remain indebted to internet for given my poor self a platform to express my views on certain issues bothering us as a people.
I have a lot to say but it is important to note that Nigeria as a country is fraudulently packaged to favour just few people.The first to be done is massive reorientation of our people on the skewed political and economic structures in Nigeria and Igbo agenda while in Nigeria.These men spoke in line with my thought during the town hall meeting viz Prof Pita Ejiofo,Chief Damian Okeke- Ogene,Dr Jude Okolo and few others.
Going forward,those organizing Town hall meeting should note that it is an opportunity to secure feedback from the people because NaThemBeGovernment .
Ndubuisi is the Coordinator of OurMumuDondo Movement in Anambra State



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