President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has asked to get to work and improve the situation in the country instead of trivializing the situation.

The presidential candidate of the Labor Party in the last general election, Peter Obi challenged the president on his X handle.

Obi said for the president to say that poverty is not peculiar to Nigeria was not in good taste coming from the president who is tasked with the responsibility of bringing assistance to the people.

 Obi said the president should face the reality that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the World and the most insecure people. Therefore, his administration should take decisive steps to stem the situation. He said the government is trying to play the ostrich even when the people are overwhelmed.

His words: “The problems facing Nigeria are well-known to all Nigerians. We are the poverty capital of the world, among the most insecure people on earth, among the hungriest, have poor education quality and the highest number of out-of-school children, high infant mortality, corruption, unemployment, the highest income gap between the poor and the rich, high corruption perception index, infrastructure and healthcare challenges, and more.

“It’s disheartening to hear those in charge, who were hired to address our problems, make statements like ‘we are not the only ones struggling with poverty and hunger.’ Instead of merely acknowledging that other countries face similar challenges, we need to hear a thorough plan of action to tackle our unique struggles.

“We require concrete solutions and a clear vision to address these issues, not comparisons that downplay our circumstances. I urge those in leadership positions to offer tangible solutions, not mere reminders that others face similar challenges.

“We need a comprehensive approach to tackle our specific challenges, not generalizations that dismiss our experiences.

“A true leader provides direction, guidance, solutions, and reassurance in times of crisis. This is the hallmark of visionary leadership and a trait of nations making progress and advancing their development.

“They don’t simply state the obvious but offer a roadmap for overcoming obstacles. Just like a pilot, who doesn’t just announce turbulence; they assure passengers that they will do everything possible to ensure a safe journey.

“Only then can we begin to trust that our country is in capable hands, working towards a brighter future for all Nigerians,” Obi stated.



Source : Nigerian Tribune


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