Tension as Anambra not listed amongst states capable of paying workers’ salaries in 2024.Anambra State is missing among 11 States in Nigeria Capable of Generating enough income to pay workers’ salaries in 2024 fiscal year.

This was gathered from comparing the 2024 personnel costs and revenue estimates for the 36 Nigerian states in the country.

Recall that since the Chris Ngige administration in 2003, Anambra State has been paying workers’ salaries regularly. Under Prof Chukwuma Soludo’s government, workers and pensioners in the state receive their salaries regularly on or before the 25th of of every month.

But in the recent report,FIJ found that only Kaduna, Edo, Enugu, Gombe, Kano, Kwara, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Osun and Zamfara states will generate enough money to offset personnel costs in the 2024 fiscal year.

For most of the remaining states, however, federal allocations constitute more than 50 percent of their total revenue for the 2024 fiscal year. By implication, these states cannot fund the salaries of their workers without federal government disbursement or a loan.

Kaduna 120,001,818,558. 76,206,260,777

Edo 71,691,130,754.62 65,167,577,994.68

Gombe 22,318,245,500. 21,925,000,000.

Kano. 101,956,874,541. 87,465,825,287

Rivers 231,057,836,945 99,588,939,939.39

Kwara. 71,788,763,444. 50,997,629,672.

Lagos 1.251 trillion

Ogun. 240,538,655,485. 122,400,076,062.

Osun 104,770,526,130. 82,361,903,000

Zamfara 55,534,775,000. 35,579,537,000.

States with Higher Revenue Than Personnel Cost in 2024

The report also compared the revenue estimates of the 36 states to their total recurrent expenditures to determine which of the states would be self-sufficient. It found only Lagos, with a N1.25 trillion revenue, and Enugu, with a N252 billion revenue, can fund their 2024 expenditures comfortably.

Only Rivers State and Lagos have revenue projections that exceed the federal allocations budgeted for them in 2024.

On the other hand, six states, including Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Nassarawa, Rivers, Plateau, and Yobe state will spend more than their independent revenue in 2024 to service both foreign and domestic loans.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative revenue of the states in Nigeria increased by more than N1 trillion in 2022, with Lagos and Rivers as the top two earners for that fiscal year.

States in Nigeria generate revenue from services provided by MDAs, taxes and fines paid by citizens and industries local to their respective states.


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