The role of mass media in the struggle for democratic Igbo society cannot be over-emphasized. For decades,we have allowed outside elements to tell our own story and determine our political, economic and cultural narratives. Main stream media platforms under strict control of Government and politicians have influenced and determined public opinion until the arrival of social media . With the arrival of social media , the media war to take charge of our own narrative has just started.

However, the mass media having fought for the nation’s independence stood diametrically opposed to continued military rule and insisted on the country’s return to civil democratic rule. To achieve this, the mass media extensively and effectively employed anti-military publications and reportage mostly at the risk of losing their lives to expose the evil and misrule of military rule in order to mobilize the civil societies against the military juntas. This resulted in series of episodes of mass protest, industrial strife, and civil disturbance across Nigeria by various civil society groups and labour unions. In spite of the hostile environment created by the military such as arbitrary arrest and detention of journalists, political assassination, extra-judicial killings, abuse of human rights, closure of media houses, seizure of publications among others, the Nigerian media kept its resilience in the anti-military struggle.

Therefore ,media is very big instrument to change any society for better.In the recent history when the agitation of Biafra started on the Internet radio, many took it for granted ,thinking that social media has no influence . Today, most States in  south east have lost Mondays to sit at home because of power of media. We all saw how media was used to make fake news  look real.
People were made to believe that Buhari has died . People were made to believe that Trump was supporting Biafra. The same media can be used to push a narrative that will change the society for better.Obidient Movement message of new Nigeria was sold to the entire Nigeria through media . Labour party without any elected public officer became a force to reckon with courtesy of social media.

This is where BVI Channel 1 comes as an instrument to market ADF – Youth League message . A message of hope to the present generation of Ndigbo and generation to come.

It is important to ask ourselves this question: what message is ADF youths selling to the Igbo public . As a media manager, I will go with a message that will give hope to our people – ADF Youths is here to build a modern Igbo society through Love.

Thank you all.

Asuzu Chinedu Peters
BVI Channel 1


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