Everywhere you meet two or more Ndi Anambra, chances are high that they would be discussing the landmark event billed for April 30, 2021 to mark the first landing of a commercial aircraft at the Anambra International Cargo Airport. They will also be discussing Soludo and others in regard to the November 6, 2021 Anambra governorship elections.

We refer this rare feat of airport construction as: “The Obiano Wonder,” because many have never ceased to wonder how His Excellency pulled this one off in such a short period of time and without any loan, despite having little funds at his disposal. It is not a publicity stunt as naysayers sought to portray earlier. It is a fantastic reality that is making us proud and imbuing us with psychological upliftment.

Across the globe, Ndi Anambra will pause to celebrate this achievement, and salute and cheer Governor Obiano whose place in history is already assured.

So why this almost intoxicating exhilaration? Primarily, Obiano, by pulling this one off, has integrated Anambra State into the global village with all the spin-off benefits. It will spur tourism, engender economic activities and growth, create jobs, push up internally generated revenue and generally improve the standard of living.

However, with no intention of spoiling the celebration of our collective great ennobling moment, it is important we spend some time to think about what needs to be done to uphold this promising future as Obiano’s tenure is grinding to a most glorious end. Indeed, it is imperative that we beam our searchlights on who can consolidate the benefits accruable from the airport project and his other legacy projects, in addition but not limited to his immensely successful security initiative, which has been the precursor to the burgeoning economic trends in the state.

In this regard, it is a common knowledge that majority of Ndi Anambra are clamouring for Cee Cee Soludo. As CEO of National Planning Commission and Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Soludo anchored the NEEDS document and its state-based counterpart; SEEDS, in addition to setting up Africa Finance Corporation (AFC). His visionary policies got us unprecedented debt forgiveness, created massive job openings and polled finance for funding huge infrastructural development across Africa. It is generally agreed that Anambra will be in a good, tried and tested hands with Soludo taking over the mantle of leadership from Obiano as he will be in a familiar turf to consolidate Obiano’s stellar achievements for the benefit of all. APGA members are gearing up to do the needful and so are the great majority of Ndi Anambra.

For now, “The Obiano Wonder” is so sweet, so ennobling and so exciting to regale. We can’t wait!!

Joe C. Anatune


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