The journey started some years ago when few young men and women commenced political education via social media and radio stations .Initially ,the political and business elites did not take those few Ones on the social media serious . Everything to them starts and ends with huge sum of money needed to mobilize a people already weaponized with hunger and poverty.We were convinced that any day the people realize that the power of the people is greater than those in power , that day will mark the beginning of political revolution.

Two years ago in one of our radio programs , Chinedu Asuzu told his fans that ” NaWeBeGovernment ”meaning that the voters are the government while those in Government are our servants ‘ . Then ,many found it difficult to believe .

With the outcome of February 25th General election, many are now having a rethink. Powerful Governors were seen in the churches trying to play Good. Many powerful politicians were seen inside markets promising eldorado, others are professing their Igbo ties ,just to win votes. Before 25th February, politicians were only mindful of their criminal structures of buying and selling votes .

Obidient/GGM Movement has set a new political standard using Peter Obi as a political face . Youths are now faced with the reality that politics determines everything. Young people have now confirmed that the wicked ,devilish and visionless political elites are their number one enemy of progress.

This is the beginning of a new political order. Political revolution has just started and like rampaging wild fire, it will continue to spread! About 70 million active voters are yet to register for voters cards. Soonest ,they will all join ,then no force can rig election for anybody.Note that less than 30 million people participated in the Feb 25th election .

The masses are not asking for too much . They only want enabling environment to enjoy their lives. They desire a new system ,a new constitution that will guarantee equity ,fairness and justice. They want an affordable credit system that will make them to own houses ,cars ,pay school fees etc and with longer payment plan. They desire education system that is solution driven instead of the present copy and paste education that produces certificate tigers without societal values.

There are so much free money in Government that people can kill to” serve”. With the coming of Good Governance Ministry and Obidient Movement, the political environment has been altered forever. It is Good Governance or nothing .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of GGM


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