While security agencies have assured voters of adequate protection during the voting exercise, it is necessary for individuals to take personal measures in safeguarding themselves during this critical period.

Here are some security precautions to take today;

1. Avoid political arguments at the poll

2. Avoid participating in any political debate, especially if it involves a party other than the one you support. At polling units, it is inappropriate to engage in political discussions that could lead to arguments or violence.

3. Don’t reveal your preferred candidate at the poll

4. People have different candidates to whom they pledge allegiance during the election season. Some of them go so far as to pick fights with those who aren’t in their camp. As a result, you should avoid disclosing who you intend to vote for at the poll.

5. Don’t move about with huge cash

6. If you intend to move around with large sums of money during the election, you should reconsider. Miscreants take advantage of the period to rob people off their valuables.

7. Keep a safe distance from undefined crowds or groups of people

8. It is critical that you do not associate with an undefined crowd or group of people who enjoy analyzing political issues and candidates in public.

9. Do not partake of election violence

10. Do not allow yourself to be used by politicians to commit election violence. This is because some opponents may be lurking in the shadows, ready to harm those who do this.

11. Avoid bringing children to the polling units

12. It is important to keep children safe during the elections because of the high stakes involved. Children should not be brought to polling places in case of violence.

13. Report unusual activities

14. Another important safety precaution that voters can take during the voting process is to report any unusual activity to the proper authorities.

15. Stay updated with issues on election day

16. Keep up with current events by constantly listening to the news and attempting to stay informed. This way, you can keep track of events as they unfold and avoid becoming involved in any unrest.

17. Don’t keep late night

18. It is critical that you complete all of your tasks before late at night on election day. Avoid circumstances that will require you to stay out late on election day.

19. Celebrate in a civil manner

20. If after the elections your candidate wins, then it is important that you celebrate in a civil manner.

-The Nation


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