Those who aspire to lead must bear in mind the fact that they are servants and as such cannot ever be greater than the People, their masters. A good Leader must work hard to inspire the people and tend to be a friend to all his People.

He should have right judgement both of people and of situations and the ability to attract to himself the right kind of lieutenants who can best further the interests of the People . The leader must not only say but always demonstrate that the power he exercises is derived from the People. Therefore, like every other public servant, he is accountable to the People for the use he makes of their mandate. He must get out when the People tell him to get out. The more power the leader is given by the People, the less is his personal freedom and the greater his responsibility for the good of the People. He should never allow his high office to separate him from the People. He must be fanatical for the welfare of the masses not the few cabal and ndi Otimkpu around him.

A leader must at all times stand for justice in dealing with the People. He should be the symbol of justice which is the supreme guarantee of good government. He should be ready, if need be, to lay down his life in pursuit of this ideal. He must have physical and moral courage and must be able to inspire the people out of despondency.

He should never strive towards the perpetuation of his office or devise means to cling to office beyond the clear mandate of the People or encourage his supporters to be wearing clothes bearing his name or face. He should resist the temptation to erect memorials to himself in his life-time, to have his head embossed on the coin, name streets and institutions after himself, or convert government into a family business. A leader who serves his people well will be enshrined in their hearts and minds. This is all the reward he can expect in his life-time. He will be to the People the symbol of excellence, the quintessence of the new Political Order.


One of the corner-stones of our expected new political order is Social Justice. We believe that there should be equal opportunity for all, that appreciation and just reward should be given for honest work and that society should show concern and special care for the weak and infirm. Our people reject all forms of social inequalities and disabilities and all class and sectional privileges. Our new Political Order believes that society should treat all its members with impartiality and fairness. Therefore, we must not apportion special privileges or favours to some citizens and deny them to others. For example, how can we talk of Social Justice in a situation where a highly-paid public servant gets free bag of rice and the poor housewife in the village pays N100 for a cup? A situation where a Bank Manager goes for free medical attention with insurance cover while the poor Mechanic man has no such protection under the Law. The State should not create a situation favorable to the exploitation of some citizens by others. The State is the Father of all, the source of security, the reliable agent which helps all to realize their legitimate hopes and aspirations. Without Social Justice, harmony and stability within society disappear and antagonisms between various sections of the community take their place. Our new Political Order driven by Biafran Ideology will uphold Social Justice at all times.

Prepared By Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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