Let nobody console you that we are making progress in Nigeria .Things are getting worst by the day.If not CNN,we wouldn’t have been exposed to the slave trading in Libya.The situation in Libya is not different from what many people are passing through right inside Nigeria.
Let me ask you: How many people have committed suicide in Nigeria within the last few months? Why did they kill themselves? There are so many people that are suffering inside Nigeria but too afraid to speak out.There are modern slavery in the banking industry,in telecommunications, in various Govt and private offices.What of millions of youths that are jobless? What of those contractors that are being owned by the government for years ,many have died of stroke.
The situation in Nigeria is quite complicated.Visit police stations to appreciate how human is being treated like ordinary Christmas chicken! Our domestic animal(s )are being treated fairly than many people living in Nigeria.
It is annoying that Nigeria has what it takes to put every Nigerian into a database and pay all those that are not earning income a stipend on monthly basis.It is wickedness to pay any Nigerian a minimum wage of N18,000. Let me say here as an economist that Nigeria can afford to pay a minimum wage of N100,000 and still pay about N50,000 on monthly basis to all those that are not working. Why should anybody steal 2.1 billion dollars from public fund in a country where many sleep with empty stomach? Do we need full time Legislators? Are we not wasting resources servicing some  unproductive public servants and their ravish consumption pattern? Why should Policemen be allowed to be following individuals and a Governor with 50 policemen! Don’t we travel to UK ,America?
Is Nigeria cursed ? When some of us opt for a Biafran State through the due process of law,some will say that we are unpatriotic? Tell me, why should anybody be happy with a Country where very few people are sharing the national cake to themselves while majority watch in agony.
Libya slave case is a child’s play when compared with what families are passing through right inside an assumed ‘peaceful’ Nigeria.Ourmumudondo now.


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