There are so many big men in Government. Government work is so attractive that a tomato seller in awka is looking for contacts to secure job in UNIZIK where she will be receiving free monthly salary . Why is government work so attractive? Why is certificate education so attractive ?

Our market is not organised . Our system does not encouraging productivity and creativity. There are very low mobility of labour. Our education system is not need based but certificate based .Our academic curriculum is rigid ,it is obsolete and outdated. It is not applicable in digital world. Our obsolete system has destroyed our rich values and cultural heritage.
The polluted pipeline that delivers most Nigerian leaders creates huge compromises that are inconsistent with the right values needed for nation-building. With the monetisation of Nigeria’s political process, it becomes more difficult for persons of decent living and the right values to engage with the political process .

GGM seeks to define ethical standard for political leadership, which is founded on stewardship, probity, accountability and servant-leadership. The journey to fix our local politics has just started .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an economist and Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry


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