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There is one interesting fact about the Arewa Northerners by Charles Ogbu

They always protect and defend the interest of the Arewa North regardless of their political affiliations. Whether PDP, APC, APGA, the ArewaNortherner is always after the interest of the ArewaNorth.

For them, it’s not really about personal ambition. It’s always, always, about taking power back to the ArewaNorth and making sure it remains there.
This is why in 2015, a whole chairman of the self acclaimed largest political party in Africa (PDP), Adamu Muazu, played “Brutus” to a southern President, Goodluck Jonathan and worked for Buhari, a fellow Northern but unlike the Shakespearen Brutus who betrayed Caeser because deep down, he felt it was for the good of Rome, Muazu betrayed Jonathan for selfish tribal purpose. This is why till date, Adamu Muazu’s name has not been mentioned in the #DasukiList.
Make no mistake,, all these political jumpology by the Atikus, the Kwankwasos, the Buba Galadimawas etc would not have happened in 2015 and neither would it have happened now IF the APC then and the PDP now hadn’t zoned its Presidency to the ArewaNorth.
For the ArewaNorth, personal interest-induced politics does not exist. It is always about the North. To the eternal shame of Southern politicians who wouldn’t mind seeing the entire South burn if only they could rule over ashes
If the Former Kano state Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso and President Buhari were Southerners, by now, the former Kano no1 man would be going from one media house to the other telling the whole world how he pulled the 2 million Kano vote Magic for Buhari’s 2015 election and the role of this current Police IG, Idris Abubakar in the mysterious death of the Kano INEC resident Electoral commissioner along with his wife and daughter. Musiliu Obanikolo did that with regards to Ekiti 2014 election. Check out Rotimi Amechi and President Jonathan.
But because for Kwankwaso, it is not really about Buhari neither is it about Nigeria but simply about the ArewaNorth, he has kept his mouth sealed with super glue.
Let the PDP try zone its Presidency even to a Yoruba Muslim (not even an Owelle Ananyo Rochas) and watch these Northern jumpologists stick with the dark hearted Daura ethnic Cleanser called Buhari.
But I blame them not. Why should I blame people for placing the interest of their ancestry over and above personal interest???
It is the horde of inebriated buffonic idiots masquerading as Southern politicians that I blame.
An average Southern politician is driven solely by one thing: intestinal consideration. Nothing more. While his Northern counterpart is driven mainly by ethno-religious consideration.
This is why the Fulani ethnic group with far less than 9 million population who are largely unlettered and are not even Nigerians but foreigners could be controlling over 180 people from over 250 ethnic groups and you have the very best brains from these other ethnic groups willing to use nuclear bomb on their own people just to ensure the fulanis remain in power.
Check Benue state that has conducted more Mass Burials than wedding ceremonies, it is minister Audu Ogbeh from the same Benue who has been clamouring for ranches and cattle colony to be built for the same fulani terrorist herdsmen responsible for those Mass burials.
Check the man they sent to come tell us to either surrender our ancestral land to the fulanis or die, his name is not Musa. His name is Femi Adesina.
Look up the person that has been disparaging (Christian Association Of Nigeria) the body of Christians in Nigeria. Her name is Lauretta Onochie and she is a Christian.
Now, check the names of the 13 SANs who defended a certificate-less Fulani President and you will see Femi Falana as the leader. If Buhari was a Southerner wanting to be President without his O’level result as required by law, these same Southern senior lawyers would have been the ones going from court to court quoting Sir Richard and Marpherson Constitution just to stop him.
When Buhari and his Janjaweed soldiers were drowning IPOB youths in muddy waters, it was an Igbo Governor, Dave Umahi, who accompanied Buhari to a UN meeting in New York where he (Umahi) told foreign Press that it was IPOB that attacked and wounded dozens of Nigeria soldiers who were simply on a routine patrol.
When the ArewaNorth invaded Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba civilization and resorted to using federal might to arrest, handcuff and publicly parade some Yoruba Oba like common criminals, did anybody hear Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s voice???
Two weeks ago when Buhari visited the International Criminal Court few days after over 200 people were massacred in Plateau state, it was the governor of the same Plateau State Simon Lalong who accompanied the Grand Patron of the same terrorist group (Fulani herdsmen) to the ICC. Even if Lalong didn’t utter a word all through the course of the visit, his mere Presence alone said everything.
The ScionsOfDanfodios do not have any special political prowess. They are not even master strategists in the real sense of the word. They are simply lucky to have a very large bunch of House Negros down South who have no shame, no pride, no sense of self worth nor ethnic patriotism, no nothing…… except insatiable appetite for coins and gold and self preservation above collective Preservation.
The tragedy of Southern Nigeria is simply and squarely the tragedy of having dickless, headless, spineless Men and Women preside over the affairs of her largely lion-hearted people.
By Charles Ogbu


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