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Time Up For Clueless Political Leaders-Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

From the street interactions ,it has become obvious that many people go to schools for certificate education without commonsense .Wisdom is increasingly becoming scarce resources and very expensive .

Our fathers who posses natural wisdom are dying by the day and being replaced by educated illiterates . I have noticed that the worst set of people to deal with are the people who claimed to be educated yet could not reason beyond that big titles viz BSC,MSC,PHD etc,merely paper certificate reasoning .
If I have my way ,I will suspend all certificates in Nigeria in exchange with show your work certificate! There are too many certificates in Nigeria yet we could not build good roads for ourselves.We could not build affordable houses for our people.We could not feed our population. We could not provide affordable and quality public  education system for the teaming population.What of health insurance cover ? Or access to single digit loan? We have Professors ,PhD holders heading strategic positions in Nigeria,alas speaking big grammar without really serving the interest of the people.
What is really wrong with our education system ? A system that has been packaged to train intellectually lazy generation ! Are we not angry that thousands are graduating by the day without job anywhere? Why do we struggle for paper certificate without skills that would add value to our immediate environment? I have seen many that wasted 5 years in the university learning how to pass exams with good grades only to go for cake bakery after NYSC! Why wasting precious time and enormous resources ? Nigeria system has created a system that you must waste your first 25 years learning how to be a good slave !
The above is why we could not organise ordinary election in a state ! Those who could not add up figures in Ekiti state election were all certificate tigers including those inside INEC offices .Many of those writing on social media that PVC is useless are graduates .
I am yet to understand why an educated man should ask people to reject PVC without a viable alternative . Ask him ,what do we do ? He would go into rhetorics ,that Nigeria constitution is fraudulent ,that we must divide Nigeria ,that we are tired of the criminal politicians,that we are Biafrans not Nigerians .Madness everywhere!
How do you effect change around you? To keep on criticizing those in Government or agitating ?  No brother! PVC gives you a strong bargaining power to chose the right set of wise men to represent you in government. With the right people in government , things will change for better.
Our political naivety has created an opportunity for political jobbers and hawkers to take control of a process that determine how we live our lives.
Ndubuisi is the state coordinator of OurMumuDondo Movement .


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