Lagos state is one of the most cosmopolitan states in Nigeria that can be easily likened to present day United States of America (USA), where people are given the opportunity to explore the opportunities available in the state because of the strategic nature of its location to the economic activities and development of the country, Nigeria. It is also worthy to note that most of the present developments witnessed today in the state is a combine effort and contributions of both indigenes and non-indigenes of the state, and most non-indigenes, especially the Igbos who are either born in the state or migrated to the state to explore commercial and other economic opportunities. Private Citizens have contributed a great deal to the development of Lagos State  but they have been made to endure multiple tax regime and political feudal system that tend to have reduced the expected pace in terms of development and opportunities the state should have witnessed today.

And in the bid to liberate Lagos state from its long strangulation of political feudal system and ruthless godfatherism, where every policy of the state has to be approved by a single individual, irrespective of its irrationality, and regardless of its long or short-term effect on the people, there is an utmost and urgent need to usher in a new change where the voice of the people can be heard; where policies of the government of the state will have the interest of the people at heart; and where the development of the state will have a human face, without discrimination against any tribe or ethnic group residing in the state.

Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour, the Governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in Lagos State has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is the ideal governorship material the state needs now to actualize the long expected political liberation and progression  of the people in the state.

He is the ideal governorship candidate that will end the long reign of political godfatherism in the state, and will in turn enthrone an ideal democratic system where every tribe and persons, irrespective of your social strata in the society will have a voice in the state.

Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour is a young architecture, activist and politician that is just 39years old. He previously contested for the Lagos West Senatorial district in 2019 under the platform of the PDP. He left the PDP for LP in 2022 when he realized that it was time to contest under a platform that will give succor to the downtrodden and suffering Nigerians in Lagos State, and he eventually emerged as the Governorship candidate of the party (LP) after a stiff contest at the party’s primary election.

As a cosmopolitan city boy like his father, Olawole Rhodes-Vivour who got married to Barr. Nkechi Rhodes-Vivour, Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour also got married to Dr. Ifeyinwa Aniebo (a molecular geneticist by profession). Ironically, instead of applauding his cosmopolitan disposition of getting married outside his tribe as a means of bringing about ethnic and cultural unity in the country through inter-tribal marriage, some querulous critics have had the effrontery to lampoon him for having anything to do with a woman from the South-East (Igbo), like his father, and have even threatened not to vote for him during the governorship election.

But Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour does not appear troubled by these pity-thinking individuals who have left the main discourse of his leadership competence to delve into his private marital decision. To the end, it has become obvious that some political opportunities are out to play ethnic politics against this young man, hence, I am compelled to speak to the conscience of every resident electorate of Lagos state not to buy into this cheap political gambit against one who is out to give them a new lease of fresh air through competent leadership in the state. Also, the Igbos residing in the state must come out in their numbers to stand behind Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour as a means of shaming these ethnic jingoist that have become the major reason of our national retrogression and underdevelopment.

I will also want to urge the Yorubas residing in Lagos state not to abandon their illustrious son who will eventually make them very proud if given the opportunity to create a new liberated Lagos State for them. In the same vein, I will also appeal to Lagosians from other tribes to vote for Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour for a great and better Lagos state devoid of intimidation from some ego-inflated touts in the state that have constituted themselves to unofficial non-state actors with state recognition and acknowledgment.

Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour is already a well-established young man, well-exposed and has a leadership track record that will help in changing the narrative of governance in Lagos state. He has been a leading voice in many national policy issues, and has always stood on the side of the people and the protection of their collective interests; and bearing in mind that he is from a well-respected family in Lagos state and Nigeria, he will definitely give his best to maintain the long standing family good legacy, as to provide good governance for the people of Lagos state, where greater opportunities and environment will be created for private business and activities to thrive through good government policies.


Chief Pius Nweke


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