The recent essay “The Cult of Lagos Tinubu Political Family and Future Anarchy” by Suyi Ayodele is worthy of serious attention. Empire, usually, distract their peoples unto war by contriving enemies within and then enemies in alien places.

The author of this article is Yoruba. In the article he identifies the trouble makers as “Tinubu Political Family” and not “Yoruba Nation”. In essence, there is no political war between the Igbo and Yoruba peoples. It is ‘Tinubu Political Family’ against Igbo.

Indeed, those who presume the Yoruba and Igbo peoples are so distinct and opposed to each other that they can be, easily, incited them to war against each other, for the benefit of the Anglo-Fulani co-imperialist rulers of Nigeria, are under the spell of contrived and kwashiorkic, Nigeria ‘history’. I, myself, was under the evil spell of that ‘Akụkọ Ife’ until two Yoruba men, Professor Sam Aluko and Chief Olu Akinfosile, talked to me in 1993. People, before they head further along the road to perdition, should find out what the Ooni of Ife meant, 2019, when during the Aje Festival he called the Igbo people as the people of Obatala and Four-lobed Kolanut, who founded the Aje Festival celebrated at Ile-Ife. So, might think the respected traditional leader was making a joke. Not at all!

The Awori people who own Lagos migrated from the same Igbomokun/Ife, from where Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi made his historical speech. People who don’t know should ask garrulous Femi Fani-Kayode why he claimed a few years ago that he is not Yoruba, but Anago? Scientists have discovered that the human body possess two brains of equal weight. One is the Gut Brain inside the belly, while the other is the ‘Head Brain’ inside the head. What the Anglo-Fulani co-imperialist political strategy has achieved in Nigeria is the political promotion and dominance of those guided by their Gut Brains as Nigeria ‘leaders’… politicians, judges, priests, professors, etc. Such Gut-brainers, as Fani-Kayode, don’t connect what they say in the present to what they said in the past. That is why Fani-Kayode, because of the favourable food signs from political sky of Lagos is, currently, ‘Yoruba gladiatory champion’, fanning the embers of hatred and violence against the non-Yoruba citizens of Nigeria who are resident in Lagos. While giving ‘intellectual’ artillery cover to chief thug MC Oluomo and Gang, it has never occurred to him, thinking from his Gut Brain, that Lagos economy is not based on ordinary Land Space, which Lagos hardly has, but on Petroleum, which journeys to Lagos from the general direction as his primary hate targets come.

The Great Danger of Bola Tinubu, in the thinking of informed Nigerians, is STATE CAPTURE. The election observers in Nigeria have coined the term INEC-capture in relation to Bola Tinubu’s recent exploits. But, the State-Capture of Nigeria by aliens is the ultimate trajectory of the current electoral heist. The meeting Bola Tinubu held with Gilbert Chagoury, in France, frightens informed Nigerians more than anything else about the future of Nigeria, after the present electoral deep-dives in a Tray-of-water. The Chagourys, money launderers to Abacha and convicted in the United States for related anti-State offenses, were partners to Tinubu in the capture and Exploitation of Lagos State. Now, Nigeria?? People who don’t know what state capture means should go and find out why President Jacob Zuma lost power in South Africa. He lost power because an Indian refugee family called Gupta, within a short time, made enough money in South Africa to bribe their way to nearly owning the South African Government. Through bribery with money made in South Africa, by hook or by crook, in South Africa, the Guptas were bribing their way to the appointment of South African Ministers…who were, in turn, awarding dubious contracts to them. Corruption spread, and State institutions collapsed in the wake. South Africa has never recovered from the Guptas State Capture. Indians and their Middle-Eastern cousins (Arabs and Jews), who Nigerians, generally, call Kora have specialised in African States Capture as major business. The most wicked aspect is their presumption that Black Africans are stupid people who can sell their Mother’s Hearth, when sufficiently enticed, in these insidious Mammon-driven activities.

Bola Tinubu studied in Chicago. He, apparently, spent significant time admiring, and understudying, the ‘Daley Machine’. The Richard Daley founded the Political Machine, backed by gangsters, controlled Chicago politics. From there they, unduly, influenced United States politics (including, as they say helping to install an American President Kennedy in 1961). With his established Drug Money laundering, Tinubu, apparently, also understudied the dynamics of American underworld. He now, liberally, employs this specialist knowledge to Nigeria.

It is the Lagos based, Daley-modelled, Tinubu Political Machine that has seized control of South West Nigerian political space and is reaching out to control Nigeria. It is the Tinubu Machine that has targeted the Igbo in Lagos, Rivers and everywhere; and attacking Igbo in Lagos. They perceive the Igbo, and correctly, as strategic adversaries. It is not the Yoruba People. Little to do with Yoruba Nation, except as already captured base instrument of political conquest, by an Imperialist mindset.

The Igbo and Yoruba, like the Ooni said in 2019, are more related than uniformed people know and enemies of the Black Race, who want them to remain eternally divided and damned, allow to be known. Time is pregnant and shall bear some future beyond men of Might and Mammon to foretell!
Dear Chidi,
What you have written is an introductory part of this reflection of yours.
Keep developing it until we land at “what is to be done”
Please let no-one blame Ndigbo and their neighbors who conscientiously went into this election. Especially the innocent youth and other compatriots in search of a genuine future!

We all have finally given the world of true humanity further opportunity to see the purity of our heart. THAT WE WANT TO LIVE TOGETHER IN ONE POLITICAL STATE.

We must now pursue very conscientiously the path God has charted for us in the GREEN BOOK – The true path of Freedom From Slavery.
We must now pursue this path together – the Youths and all genuine Freedom-Thirsty Compatriots from the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST AND CENTRAL of this Wobbling Federation!
May God Almighty be our Guide!


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