Tinubu Vs Atiku: Chaos in Us Courtroom

Wahaluuurr in the US Courtroom

Angela Liu who is Atiku’s Attorney for the case against Tinubu about the Chicago University Certificate has stated Chicago University NEVER gave Tinubu any certificate.

The application made in Case No. 23-cv-5099 was filed pursuant to 28 United States Constitution 1782.

She already submitted a 24-paragraph declaration in support of the Application, pursuant to 28 U.S.C 1782, for an Order granting leave to serve the Subpoenas to Chicago State University attached to the Application as Exhibits 1 and 2.

Angela Liu stated “How can you have two certificates issued by the same university, to the same person, for the same course of study, but issued on different dates and signed by two different people”.

The certificates which Tinubu submitted in Nigeria are of 2 different kinds:

☝🏻 The first Chicago State University certificate which Bola Tinubu submitted to INEC was issued on 22 June 1979 and signed by 3 signatories including a certain Dr. Elnora Daniel whose signature is dated 22 June 1979.

✌🏼The second certificate supposedly issued to Mr Enahoro by Tinubu and tendered at the PEPT was issued on 27 June 1979 and now signed by 2 people and the same Dr. Elnora Daniel signed it but now the date changed to 27 June 1979 and a certain Dr. Niva Lubin also signed.

Now EVIDENCE has shown that Tinubu submitted 2 different certificates and both may even be fake. The 2 certificates have different fonts, they both have different dates, they both have different Chicago University Logo, they both have different grammer written, they both have different signatories.

Now here is the crazy part, the Dr. Elnora Daniel who Tinubu put on his certificate as a signatory for CSU in 1979 was NOT an employee of CSU in 1979
She was not employed by CSU until 1998
A whole 19 years after Tinubu allegedly graduated. So how did she sign in 1979 when the woman was not even an employee of Chicago University as at that time.

Also the second signatory Dr. Niva Lubin who Tinubu claimed signed his certificate dated in 1979 was NOT an employee of Chicago University until 1996 😭🤣😭
A whole 17 years after Tinubu claimed he graduated.

Tinubu has no certificate from Chicago State University and Atiku has taken the bold step to summon Chicago State University as a respondent in the case in Illinois.

INEC stole Nigeria’s election for a Chronic criminal and persistent crook
INEC should also not go unpunished.

The court in Illinois, United State are now setting up a court date to unravel the MYSTERY behind Bola Tinubu’s Chicago University Fraud.

#AllEyesOnChicagoStateUniversity #AllEyesOnTheJudiciary

Africa’s_Keshinro of Lagos reporting.


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