The Secretary-General
January 15, 2018
United Nations
New York



On behalf of the leadership of Sovereign Republic of Takuruku Movement and good citizens, we hereby solicit for United Nations’ (UN) declaration and support of the international community to the Middle-Belt region as an independent country out of Nigeria. The Republic of Takuruku is a country built on the foundation of the fear of God and truly democratic.

The secession of the Middle-Belt out of Nigeria has become imperative for the following reasons:

In Nigeria, Tiv are the most cheated people and taken for granted despite the fact that they are the 4th largest ethnic group in a nation of 250 tribes.

The people have sacrificed more than other tribes in the struggles to keep Nigeria as one indivisible sovereign nation, and have contributed more to the socio-economic and political development of the country without reward, rather the people are been annihilated, denied of their inalienable rights and known only when it is time to douse crisis.

Before the advent of oil boom in Nigeria, agriculture was the main source of foreign exchange and the Tiv were the major contributors of the agric produce for export without demand for any resource control or derivation on the income as it is being done today by the Niger-Delta indigenes, who insists on getting 13 percent oil derivation monthly.

The income from the Tiv sweat was used for development of the country with little federal presence in the Middle-Belt particularly Tiv land compared with the Northern states that have everything; talk of the tap running with water, good express roads, qualitative heath care and educational facilities, name them; while roads in the Middle-Belt region have become death traps and the hospitals mere consulting clinics.

The Native Authority ( NAs) created by the British colonial masters, for the North they have multiplied into more than ten states mainly occupied by the Hausa/Fulani while the NAs in the Middle-Belt region have been merge into few states and the Tiv scattered in some of the states with other hostile tribes who have been molesting them on the deception by the Fulani terrorists that they should join allied forces with them to wipe out the Tiv on earth and share their land given to them by the all mighty God as their Canaan.

The massacre of Nigerians by the Fulani terrorists dated back to 1804, when Othman Danfodio declared Jihad against the people. After that incident, over the years there has been carnage on Tiv nation across Plateau, Nasarawa, Benue and Taraba states.

Fulani have deceived Tiv’s neighbors like Jukun, Kuteb, Arago and the rest of other members of the Kwararafa confraternity to form allied forces and annihilate the Tiv and occupy their land.

One begins to wonder if the Tiv nation is not part of Nigeria as nobody cares about the heinous attack on them with impunity by the Fulani marauders; killing children, pregnant women and unborn babies, the old, raping of wives and daughters, and destruction of property.

When the Federal Government that enters into social contract with the people to protect their lives and property turn blind eyes to a group of people that has chosen to be lawless in all its dealing such as the Fulani trade union, called Miyeti Allah Kauta Hore, despite their earlier threat to cause insurrection in the Middle-Belt valley. After the fulfillment of the threat they, in various press outings, came boldly to accept responsibility of the barbaric and inhuman acts.

This is the highest degree of exhibition of sense of irresponsibility and Nebuchadnezzaric character. The Sultan of Sokoto that usually vehemently condemns attack on Fulani herdsmen and their cows keeps mute anytime his subject massacre Tiv people without any provocation.

Even though the Nigerian law prohibits the unlawful possession and carrying of arms by the citizens, the Fulani herdsmen continue to bear most sophisticated weapons such as AK47 and used them at will to kill innocent farmers without the Federal Government or law enforcement agencies raising eyebrows, since the perpetrators of the genocide on the people of Middle-Belt are not arrested and prosecuted.

In addition, the Federal Government has provided security for the herders and their cows that are not paying tax, using the tax payer’s money but none for the farmers who have been paying tax. The Federal Government has also made a policy to create cattle colonies by forcefully taking away 100 hectares of land from indigenes in the 36 states of the federation and the federal capital territory Abuja. What an injustice?

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state in his effort to bring lasting solution to ensure peace and development, enacted the Anti-Open Grazing and Ranching Establishment Law, accepted as world standard practice, has been arrogantly resisted by the terrorists who have fulfilled their threat to invade the Benue valley where they have killed over 100 persons, wounded others and caused untold destruction of property.

What else can a reliable friend do to harmoniously co-exist with a friend? In all these good friendly gesture by the Tiv to the Fulani, they have insisted on truncating the law of triangle boundary in relationship with the Tiv by attempts to forcefully Islamize them or take away their land. According to the Fulani, the vegetation of the Benue valley is more nutritious for their cows, valued more than human beings.

Basically, the law stipulates that no one should set boundary for anybody but allow people to set it for themselves so that they can take responsibility for their freedom and face the consequences that follows. Even God the creator of heaven and earth has given liberty to mankind to worship Him or the devil. The choice is yours not forgetting the perfect will of the Lord, which leads to eternal life and His permissive will, to destruction.

The people, particularly the Tiv have passed through many unpalatable historical experiences in the hands of the Sokoto caliphate despite their show of solidarity support to their suppossed Fulani, to acquire political power in control of the entire Nigeria but it is not enough for them and the only pay back to the Tiv is to annihilate them and occupy their land, which according to them, has vegetation with more nutrient for their cows. Such a display of greed and avarice!

Now, besides the series of dehumanized acts against the Tiv by the Arewa oligarchs who claim to be their historic friend (Abokin Kura) over the years, the same Hausa/Fulani set the Tiv people against Biafra (Igbo people) during the civil war of 1967-1970 and now Tiv and Ibo have become enemies.

The Tiv had supported the Sokoto caliphate to acquire political power but they are unable to manage it for the interest of the totality of Nigerians rather they have become more Nigerians than others and oppressors of the masses.

The Tiv people have been placed between the blue sea and the devil as they have no friend in the Arewa and Biafra political blocs. The fear is with the agitation for breakaway of the federating units of Nigeria.

For instance, if the Ibo realized their dream of having Biafra republic, other minority tribes in the Middle-belt region especially the Tiv definitely cannot go with them because of their antecedence of hatred and lack of accommodation for them, caused by the Hausa/Fulani who deceived the northern minorities to gang up against the Ibo who are today celebrating the nemesis against the Tiv by saying Ntoo! Meaning, serves them right, because of the pogrom of Tiv by the Fulani terrorists (Chenaka ba ka sen na gida ba) meaning, the house ant that does not know it’s roommate.

On the other hand, the dominance, marginalization and religious intolerance of the Hausa/Fulani is not palatable to the Middle-Belt nationalities who are predominantly Christians.

The Arewas pretend to be generous when they needed support but after success they dump their supporters while the Biafrans refer to anybody in the Middle-belt as Hausa and treat the person as enemy, unaware that there are other tribes in the region and the Ibo seems to be too selfish for comfort.

From the above analogy, the Middle-belt minorities will prefer to resort to the foundation already laid by Senator Joseph Tarka of blessed memory for them when he led the agitation for independence of the Middle-belt region to go to where they will be celebrated.

That is why the independence of the sovereign Republic of Takuruku for the people of Middle-Belt, Nigeria has become necessary, since no one love them in Nigeria.

Having looked at the situation from the physical side, let us take a view of the spiritual perspective.

Akin to the Jews who were massively killed during the holocaust by the Nazi Germany,now the Jews have an independent nation of Israel, the tide has changed in favour of the victims of the Fulani carnage now that they have reconciled with their God. As a reward for the Tiv who have made their path right with God He has forgiven their transgression for derailing from the original plan of God for them during their migration into the Middle-Belt valley.

According to the prophecy of Archbishop Yimam Orkwar, God has pardoned, given them comfort and taken over the battle of the Middle-Belt people and has transferred their afflictions to their enemies, in Isaiah 40:2, 51and 52:1- 2.

For the oppressors of the people of Middle-belt, they were cautioned not to celebrate their atrocities against the people but expect shame ahead. With the calamity upon the people of Middle-Belt, God has not abandoned his people as the nature of God is when He uses someone to punish His people He turns back to use them and punish the enemy, like He used Ai to punish Israel and later empowered Israel to destroy them.

God in His love and mercy has heard the cry and seen the tears of Benue people as a memorial and has forgiven them. But to their enemies, all the atrocities committed against the Middle-Belt people will return back to them and their future generations a thousandfolds, according to Act 4:23-25.

The wrath of God is going to consume the tormentors of the Benue people particularly the Fulani and their cattle, and the wealth of the heathen transferred to them and makes the enemies their slaves.

The people across Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue state have been consoled to note that God seated on His throne is laughing at the stupidity of their enemies for attacking them without committing any offence to anybody but because the Lord has given the people fertile land as their Canaan, the enemies have conspired and because of grid and envy are trying to take away what does not belong to them.

For example, Paul and his team suffered for no crime but for the gospel and God saw them through. The people have been urged to trust in God at this critical time and they will never be disappointed as He will stand for them and the atrocities against them will backfire to their oppressors in Jesus name.

Takuruku Republic is a dream which time has come as the people, particularly the children of Tiv are now sharing in the suffering with Jesus Christ, which is not in vain but they will also surely share in the comfort of Christ, who is now seated at the right hand of God who is the source of comfort.

The Lord has rewarded the people with the gift of Plateau,Nasarawa,Benue,Taraba and Cross River states as SOVEREIGN REPUBLI OF TAKURUKU, with a viable economy, which is their Canaan with a well defined boundary with international community, Cameroon.

However, in order to sustain the victory, the people have been admonished to continue to pray, praise and worship, and thank to God for the pardon and bringing them back to fellowship together with Him on earth and eternity. Unlike their oppressors, God has given them comfort to make their neighbours comfortable too, according to 2 Corinthians 1:1-12.

Prophet Ortindi Torough Baka
Leader, Sovereign Republic Of Takuruku Movement And President/founder of Awoken Gospel Culture International


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