Ugwuanyi Leadership Failure Ignited Insecurity In Enugu State

As Nigerians grapple with the myriad challenges they face daily, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Enugu State, Mr. Frank Nweke Jr., has blamed what he called failure of economic, social and political leadership for the malaise.

Zeroing in on his home state, Nweke, who was Minister of Information during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, faulted poor leadership for the complete breakdown in law and order in Enugu State.

Addressing the question of insecurity and possible steps to ameliorate the current situation in the South-East, and especially in Enugu, he highlighted three key steps.

Nweke, who spoke during an interview, cited the level of economic deprivation as the root cause of the unprecedented level of insecurity currently experienced in Enugu and noted that confronting issues around socio-economic development would be paramount to solving the problem.

“In order to tackle insecurity, we need to pay attention to issues around socio-economic development. Number one will be investment in the right infrastructures – education infrastructure, health infrastructure. But most importantly, you must make concerted efforts by putting in the right policies, the right incentives to make your state the destination of choice for investors. It is these investors that must create jobs that will help you to empower the teeming population of our young people. That is what you must do, and that is at the root of the matter.”

He went further to say that mitigative measures will also be taken against miscreants who have simply chosen a life of crime. He noted that there will be a strong partnership between the government and security agencies, giving them the needed support to perform optimally at their jobs.

You and I also know the significant challenges that these security agencies face. As a state Governor, you must then consider how you can support them with equipment, with incentives, and with words of encouragement.”

Nweke also harped on the need for citizen participation in the security of lives and properties in their communities, saying that the government cannot do it alone.

“Our citizens must understand that the government cannot do this alone. They have a role to play. Criminals are not ghosts. Criminals are not witches or wizards, as some people think. These are normal human beings that live with us. Citizens must also really play an important role in routing these criminals.”

But Nweke emphasized that everything will still depend on a leadership that is able to implement the three-pronged approach in a robust and resolute manner to bring stability to security in the State.

Nweke said he is poised to offer the people that quality leadership that will pull back Enugu State from the brink.

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