UN has just given ECOWAS the Green Light to intervene militarily in Niger Republic, if within One Week, the new military administration in that Country does not restore presidential power to the ousted former president.

As I had anticipated, Burkina Faso and Mali have jointly warned that any attack on Niger will be deemed an attack on Mali & Burkina Faso and they will respond in any way they deem fit.

Now let’s unpack this. These emerging new military leaders on the west African coast are all allied to Russia, including CAR (Central African Republic) and one or two others. They’re not just allied by mouth. They have Russian military machine behind them. And that machine is as brutal as can get. You know this machine…It’s called Wagner PMC. Even the west admitted Wagner is the world’s most powerful private military contractor as of today. We see what they’ve done in Ukraine – to the point of becoming the first private military contractor to engage entire nations in Bahkmut for months and eventually won. Isn’t that why everyone who hated Russia cheered when they attempted to topple Putin’s regime in that failed, joke of a coup attempt? People, especially westerners actually believed they could do it because of their antecedents. That’s how powerful these guys are. That’s why they helped remove regimes in many African countries and they stay back to protect those regimes they helped bring to power.

Look at Sudan. That’s a British price. The British were not ready to let go easily, so they engaged the Wagner-leaning forces, probably hoping it’d be over in a little bit. Months later, those guys have continued to gain grounds, last I checked. In the same manner that Europeans are evacuating citizens from Niger right now, they evacuated from Sudan as well…and what that means is a full scale war is coming. But that war in Sudan still rages. That’s an African Union-centric war. It hasn’t gone any way.

My question now is, how well can ECOWAS and the UN do in this potential war against Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, which of course is an extension of the war between Russia and the west, if you have followed this write up and my previous ones from the beginning? I mean, if they haven’t won the war in Ukraine, if they haven’t made any significant progress in Sudan (which is another Russia/west war), how much progress will they make here, given that these three nations and all their resources will now jointly be aimed at the UN-backed ECOWAS forces plus the Russian-Wagner fire force that hasn’t yet been defeated anywhere?

And going by my recent video, imagine when these countries decide to start targeting each of the ECOWAS countries involved in the attack, especially Nigeria that’s today heading the ECOWAS bloc.

I have a strong feeling that West AFRICA is about to be set on fire and my concern is very very deep. And the sad thing too is, it doesn’t look like there’s any way out, because if France doesn’t instigate this, it will loose more territories and it’s citizens who depend solely on African resources will continue to be impoverished and more riots will show up in France. And not just that, other African countries whose leaders are still loyal to the colonials may go the way of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger in no time, which is a real concern for these leaders. On the other hand, if they go ahead with the military intervention, the repercussions could be greater than anyone can ever imagine, and for some reason, I feel like they’d prefer the later – despite the huge potentiality for an egregiously cataclysmic outcome. After all, it’ll be AFRICA against Africa – for non-Africans. So, Bottomline, I think war is coming. Question is, how prepared are we? Because it’ll likely spread beyond those three countries – Niger, Mali & Burkina Faso. And when or if it does come, remember that this is a continuation of the war between Russia & the west fought on African soil in the bloody quest for a #MultiPolar world.



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