“Unconditional” Release of Nnamdi Kanu: Unreasonable and not Realistic- Emeka Ugwuonye

Whenever I read any member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), such as Ifeanyi Ejiofor or Emma Power[less], calling for “unconditional” release of Nnamdi Kanu, I know they are not reasonable and not realistic. Who told them that Governments release people accused of treason unconditionally?

Unconditional release means that Nnamdi Kanu should be allowed to continue to gather some people and continue to agitate for a separate country of Biafra. Then why arrest him in the first place if they could release him “unconditionally”?

So, both Ejiofor and Powerless are jokers. They are playing with themselves. The only release they can ask for now is a highly “conditional” one.

It has to be a release that will guarantee that Nnamdi Kanu will no longer tell our young men and women to go into the bush or to attack policemen. It has to be a release that will carry many terms and conditions.

Every competent lawyer representing a person in a criminal trial will apply for bail and ask the court to grant his client bail on “lenient terms and conditions”.

In fact, that was what Ejiofor tried, but failed woefully to achieve. After the court refused to grant bail on lenient terms and conditions, the same Ejiofor tells the same court to release him without any conditions whatsoever. How logical is that?

If these guys are serious-minded people, they should meet with Nnamdi Kanu and discuss the sort of compromise and concessions he will be willing to make without losing face, more than he already has. He has to make concessions if he wants to come out of detention. After all, this is a highly politically sensitive case.

One thing you should know about governments, especially African governments, is that they don’t like to lose face. They are dictatorial in orientation. So, to expect Nigerian government to swallow its pride, and lose face, and release Nnamdi Kanu UNCONDITIONALLY, you got to be joking.

Such call only shows Ejiofor and Emma Powerless as a bunch of idiots. They want Nnamdi Kanu to die in detention. That is why they are asking for unconditional release.

The only logical way Nnamdi Kanu will be released is when the next Government comes to power and starts some amnesty program. IPOB leaders, together with other militants’ groups will be considered for amnesty.



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