I wouldn’t have believed Mobin if I haven’t taken the pains to compare the state list of delegates that was sent to the national for ratification and what we see on the website of the UPP which I they plan to conduct the primaries with. I can confirm that the level of alterations done by the national ranges from 40 to 60% percent indeed for reasons best known to them. I am quite saddened for the simple fact that both the national organising secretary and the national chairman told me such alterations never happened, only obvious corrections. But this are fare-faced lies when actual facts are considered, and coming from  such level of officers of the party.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me give a personal example of how I believe the national Exco has messed up the delegates list, may be believing they are dealing with a bunch of people that have no rights and brains: my Abatete Award delegates list aent to national by the state exco was entirety thrown out and replaced with people I am yet to confirm whether they are acually from Abatete. What manner of  correction? The whole 5 delegates from Abatete corrected out and replaced by the national There are similar tales of woe everywhere, at valiance with the assurances of integrity of the process that I personally received from the national chairman. I wonder how these national officers who not even from Anambra state let from Abatete got to know UPP members from my town/Ward as to replace those we elected to lead us in the Abatete Ward with those they now prefer. What is more, the Abatete example is not isolated but evident across board.

I also recall that the Flint Obiekwe harmonization  committee took care of all observations over a month ago. Why did the national chose to set aside the list arrived at by the harmonization committee that it set up? What really is going on?

It is time for members of the party as stakeholders to speak up. Those of us who newly joined the party thinking it is any different feel quite actualize and ashamed that what is happening in other political parties may even be a child’s play to that of the UPP.

I personally advise the national to take very urgent steps to restore confidence in party faithfuls and reconcile with the state Exco and have a primacies that is rancor free by relying on the delegates list the state generated from its Wards and LGs . That way, the party will enter the real guber  race without being fractured. If this is not done, the party stands no chance of coming even a distant third in this election, let alone winning it, as all the forces that should direct their efforts at general election will have been spent in the infighting. Such inevitable war of attrition, which has already begun, has a predictable end which is not noble.

Let’s bind our party’s  fresh wounds. UPP is bleeding profusely and may harborage to death if leadership is not fully exercised now.

Those who fail to learn from history are truly condemned to a repeat class.

A word is enough for the wise.

Dr. Law Mefor
(Anueyiagu Abatete)
UPP member, Abatete Ward.



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