Wednesday, July 24, 2024

We Are Biafrans In Politics-MOBIN

MOBIN is Biafran political movement that is established for legal methodology of Biafra quest. It respects other methodologies, but believes that legal methodology which involves political, diplomatic and judicial processes is the best in a country like Nigeria.

Apart from registration fee (N1,000) which was paid by a few hundred members, MOBIN has been run from inception with the Chairman’s and Directors’ personal funds. The Chairman and Directors of MOBIN have spent millions of Naira to take MOBIN to where it is today.
There is a limit to what MOBIN can achieve with little personal funds, thus we have reopened registration for all members. Registration fee remains N1,000. It includes the cost of ID card. We are also introducing monthly due as source of funding, henceforth all members are expected to pay N200 monthly dues to their state Coordinators. Diaspora members should pay annually to the account that will be provided by the Chairman and inform any of the Directors of MOBIN after payment.
My people, politics is a gun; money is the trigger. 2019 general election is around the corner and MOBIN intends to make bolder steps that will surpass its achievements in Anambara state 2017 governorship election. We are wiser now and we can play the game smarter. What we need most are funds for political education in Biafra land and for sponsoring other political activities of ours. Until we produce Biafran politicians who can boldly and intelligently talk about Biafra at local, state, federal and international levels, the actual quest for Biafra has never begun.
We are appealing to all members to be committed in paying monthly dues to their state Coordinators. We are also appealing to non registered members and followers of MOBIN to register with N1,000 which covers cost of ID card. Finally, we are appealing to the public to support MOBIN financially. Integrity is one of our watchwords in MOBIN. We will see our money working as we contribute.
All financial supports and donations for MOBIN activities should be made through this bank account: DE MOBIN INITIATIVE, 1021398408, UBA. The account is being managed by Chairman and Directors of MOBIN. The account managers have records of decades of proven integrity.
Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor
For MOBIN Directors


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