We Are Destroying The Future Of Our Children-Ndubuisi


I have always taken side with the interest of the ordinary people on the street.I have written enough via Internet to educate the minds of those who should know better.Mr Peter Obi has once asked the question : Are we cursed or are we the cause?

We are not cursed ,it is in human nature to be selfish and under the present skewed structure of Nigeria,self survival becomes the order of the day.We are the cause because we have not insisted that the right thing be done at all time.

I do not blame those that found themselves in the positions of authority .I do not blame those who have converted public goods to private use.

I blame few of us who have God’s anointing to provide platforms that would be used to liberate the people.The people urgently need credible people they would trust their lives with .The people are everyday praying for courageous ,visionary and fearless Leaders who will be ready to fight and stand for the interest of the ordinary people on the street.

History is there for all of us.Those who have fought for the people in truth and honesty have always lived forever.But those who wasted golden opportunities to take political decisions in favour of the people have always been thrown to waste-bin. Examples are many ! What is the relationship between political godfathers and godsons in Nigeria today? 99% have gone sour !

Yet,our clueless politicians have not learnt any lesson.They have continued in their mindless business of imposition ,forcing the people to accept empty heads,using public funds to bribe their way through,destroying the institutions of democracy while the people remain hapless and hopeless ! Animal Farm playing out live !

The last political party primary elections have shown the man in us! SELFISHNESS,TREACHEROUS AND WICKEDNESS!

I have bad news for the wicked political conquerors of today ; Your children will serve the children of that man on the street in the next generation if you do not build a fair ,just and equitable society for all today.Mark my words today!

We have failed our children and need to go back to base.

I will continue to preach good governance and public accountability via Bia Voice International(BVI Channel 1) and OurMumuDondo Movement.Even if i stand alone,with my team,we shall continue until the righteous assumes the position of authority .

Ndubuisi is an economist and a Director in BVI Channel 1



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