Nnamdi Kanu’s message was right, why can’t we talk about Biafra when Nigeria is full of injustice.

Everywhere you go in Nigeria one thing is common, INJUSTICE.

We have been in this battle since after Nigeria Independence of 1960 This has been the story of many Nigerians every since then it doesn’t matter where you are from We are all in this mess together You have no one to blame but yourselves It is now or never Now your real freedom and destiny lies in your hand It is time to make a decision It is time to take action The Time Now Because My Mumu Don Do.

Nigeria is a big Banana Republic. Politicians stealing public funds yet they go about free, but is someone steal magi for market he gets burnt. Nigerians have sacrificed enough, we have nothing more to sacrifice.

It is now or never.

These comments above reflects the opinion of 99% of Nigerians.



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