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What Do Igbos Want? -Ndubuisi


I am bothered. Bothered because we seem to be blaming others for our collective frustrations .We seem to be complaining all the time.

Let us pause a moment to ask this question: What do we want as a people?
Barr Emeka Emekesri in his book: Biafra or Nigerian Presidency, What do Igbos want, pg 341 and I quote ‘the ibos are saying that if they cannot be free and safe within Nigeria and be given equal opportunity and equal rights, then they must be free from Nigeria to rebuild their Biafra Republic’, this captured  the mood and expectations from Ndigbo. Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)  towed the same path in the memorandum   of the Alaigbo Development Foundation,  titled : The Future Of Alaigbo & The Federal Republic of Nigera.ADF presented two options viz  Return to Autonomous Regional Government or Independent Biafra.  Simple!
ADF has set a new template in response to President Buhari question: what do the igbo people want?
My major concern lies with our political class. They seem to be indifference towards the plight of igbo people in Nigeria. They are more interested in 2nd term in office or installing an errand boy in power. They are interested in praise singing, in primitive accumulation of wealth.
Our political Leaders are not interested in building government institutions,in developing our own brand of democracy or welfarest oriented programs in alaigbo. Our political Leaders are not interested in history or the future of our children. They have allowed corruption to be part of our lifestyle. Few weeks ago, I visited One of the Government houses in the south east, and because the Governor was not on seat, the entire place looked like burial ground. Governor ran state affairs like family businesses.
Our big headache today is how to chose our best eleven to supervise our political struggle in Nigeria.
Ndubuisi writes for BVI Channel 1


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