“Kalu’s dramatic re-emergence changes the dynamics of everything…between Anglo-Fulani/Nigerian triumphalism since the War; and Bifran/ Eastern Nigerian agitation for Truth-Justice. Israel would not adopt the manifest open indulgence of him, except they have thought through it. Buhari’s open campaign for Palestine at the UN has consequences, that might be part of what we see here.

True leadership is called for in Igboland now…to navigate the minefields. Britain. whose interest Fulani represent, is still strategic ally of Israel. They could deal behind the scene. But we can definitely push now for Aburi-structure Nigeria”.

Nnamdi Kanu may not be without shortcomings. But I don’t know ANYONE who is perfect. .It is clear to me that any entity in Igboland or Igbo diaspora, individual or organization, who fails to allign 100% with Nnamdi Kanu, is pursuing an agenda that may serve any other interest but not Igbos’. Regardless of some of his utterances, we cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity Nnamdi Kanu has OPENED for the CAUSE. He is the INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED FACE OF THE CAUSE FOR NOW. Everyone should SUPPORT HIM IN THAT SPACE by avoiding local actions and or utterances that contradict or repudiate his stance. Of course there is no agreement on whether Biafra is what we want. But there is no disagreement that the so-called 1999 ‘constitution’ is an article of Igbo servitude and enslavement in Nigeria, even in the unlikelihood of an Igbo presidency under it. This is our best opportunity to get rid of it.

The Intelligence agencies of Israel, and those of Britain, are actively on the ground. Britain will eagerly and enthusiastically pass over to Moshad anything to discourage Israeli support for Nnamdi Kanu. We will be playing into their hands by any open disagreement with Nnamdi Kanu. This is the REALITY that most people do not think about. Right now, there are many Igbos who are ready to be used against Nnamdi Kanu either by inducements or because they feel overshadowed by him.

I plead with everyone to check his greed and or ego. There is too much at stake right now. For years, I have consistently maintained and told the leaderships of WIC, ADF, Igbo Leaders of Thought and Ohaneze that Israel is the ONLY country that may have a sympathetic disposition towards our predicament. But nobody has been able to get as close as Nnamdi Kanu has towards that objective. Let us pocket our petty grudges and personal interests. He is now a strategic asset. Let those who claim to have no other interest than Igbo liberation swallow whatever insult or disrespect they feel he meted them. I have NEVER met Nnamdi Kanu. I have NEVER spoken with him. But I apologize on his behalf to all those who are in anyway aggrieved by whatever he may have said or done that offended them. Please forgive him for the sake of Igboland and unborn generations of Ndigbo.

Obi Thompson


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