As the Presidential election Tribunal pre-hearing commences tomorrow, it’s pertinent for Nigerians to be reminded of what the constitution of Nigeria says about who would be declared the President-elect of Nigeria.

Former INEC REC of Akwa Ibom, Mr. Mike Igini earlier warned that no one would be declared a winner without satisfying the requirements of getting 25% in FCT.

It’s different from Winning or losing in FCT, it’s mandatory that the President-elect must have 25% in Abuja.

Peter Obi’s emergence has made majority of Nigerians to become lawyers without necessarily going to the laws school. Yes, most Nigerians now have THE CONSTITUTION OF Nigeria downloaded and reading it daily like a Bible.

Fortunately enough, it was written in English not French.

Section 134 is that favorite verse that’s the crux of the whole case.

25% in FCT.

APC government who obviously selected A Bola Ahmed Tinubu via Mahmood Yakubu might be feigning Ignorance of the law but cannot fool Nigerians.

They know already that going ahead to swear in Tinubu without concluding with the Tribunal is total disregard to the constitution of Nigeria.

Mahmood Yakubu already violated so many Electoral laws which is also a part of the Constitution of Nigeria.


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