Nigeria has about 400,000 Cooperative Societies with more than 30 million registered members contributing about N1.4 trillion in the Country’s GDP. Cooperative Societies have remained a major source of financial intermediaries among the lower class in Nigeria , especially,in a system where traditional banking system has failed to intermediate between surplus and deficit sectors of the economy.

Being conscious of income inequalities and the existing mistrust amongst the populace ,GGM Cooperative in partnership with the revolutionary online media- BVI Channel 1 has come to guarantee financial freedom using cooperative model.

The President of GGM Cooperative being an economist has done extensive research on building group wealth and has come to a simple conclusion that Co-operative Societies Act 98 2004 could be used to organise the ordinary people to secure financial freedom,hence the vision behind GGM Cooperative.

It is a known fact that the ordinary people are trapped in an endless rat race for survival while the rich and elites smile to the banks.

Obviously ,there is total war of economic strangulation against the hardworking masses. It is a classical case of elites conspiracy against the poor.

Therefore ,GGM Cooperative comes to solve the financial needs of her members through financial education, application and discipline as well as learning saving habits. The act of making money is not taught in schools,however ,GGM Cooperative is here to teach the poor how to become rich . GGM Cooperative practices what she teaches . You can contact us via or call 08104207522

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is the President of GGM Cooperative


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