The problem with our current political class is greedy and abnormal appetite for consumption and perhaps building an unsustainable consumption pattern.

I still blame our political leaders . Good Governance would have brought genuine people on the same political page to pursue ideological politics.

The northern and south western political leaders are using the advantages of civil war that ended in 1970 to exploit and enslave the victims of that war and sadly the entire Nigerian masses ended up being the victims. The political ,business and religious elites have amassed so much wealth for the generations of their children and grand children, hence the widening income inequalities that have threatened the corporate existence of Nigeria.

Everything is wrong with Nigeria system.The system is designed and structured to keep the working class in perpetual slavery and that is why the four refineries in Nigeria are not working. Dangote Refinery is funded by Government mercenaries and the operations will soon start with monopolistic power . This is unfortunate  !

GGM is supporting Peter Obi not because he is a saint but because he is better than other career politicians.Peter Obi messages have connected and resonated with millions of Nigerians that about 40 million voters who were never interested in the Nigeria electoral process are now excited and motivated to vote for Peter Obi and that will be the game changer we expect. Peter Obi may not be the expected solution but he is a stimulus to political revolution in Nigeria.

Obidient Movement has given so many people access to the political struggle . The awareness has been created and people eyes have been opened to know that political power belongs to the people . Good Governance Ministry is here to organize the people to pursue ideological politics even in absence of Obidient Movement. The Nigerian politicians could disappoint the people but GGM will always be there for the ordinary people.

We are on the part of history.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu,GGM Admin


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