A wedding at Gutu Magistrates’ Court didn’t turn out as expected as the groom’s legal wife showed up just as the couple was about to exchange their wedding vows.

According to iHarare’s reports on Tuesday, the man’s legal wife just showed up out of the blues during the court wedding.

The groom, Dzingai Chagwiza, 49, of Old Location in Mpandawana in Gutu and his mistress were standing before Magistrate Victor Mohamadi when the Magistrate asked if there was anyone with a good reason why the couple should not be wedded to stand up and say it when his wife Queen Vhondo stormed the courtroom to object to it.

“I was tipped by some of my friends that my husband was dating Dube, who is a vendor at Mpandawana. I came to court and was surprised to see a big cake in front of my husband,” said Vhondo.




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