All the war arsenals are steaming as Wike And his political son, SIM Fubara would lock horns in the grand arena of Rivers State.

You’d recall that 27 PDP House of Assembly Members Defected to APC in Rivers.

So funny how all these are happening not for the interest of the masses but for their own personal gain and sharing formula of the resources of the good people of Rivers state.

Meanwhile, SIM Fubara seems to look like a stubborn bone stuck in the throat of Wike and ready to pull an “Ngige vs Eselu Ubah” in Anambra stunt against Wike

Sim seems to be moving with his people… Alas, they would weep sentiments and start seeing it as Obiakpor vs Ijaws….

“Naso war they take start”…

Some wrote :

I understand that alot of people are bothered because the 27 House of Assembly Members that have decamped to APC might want to instigate a process of impeachment against Governor Sim Fubara, but why are we forgetting that these same guys were never doing the bidding of PDP in the first place?

They were just answering PDP by name. Their, hearts, minds and souls were never in PDP.

First, the State Party Chairman of PDP resigned & accepted an appointment with the APC, then we saw alot of other things following suit.

I understand that yes, Sim, as a first-time Governor, it is going to be very difficult for him, but there are a lot of instruments available to a Governor but it is not a banana republic either, as much as they will try to impeach him, I am aware and I am sure that Sim will not just fold his hands and allow them impeach him

So, the only regret here is that these guys are not ready for governance because all they want to do is to just instigate crisis in the State.

I am very certain that it is not easy to impeach a Governor.

A Governor has so much enormous powers . He can frustrate those House of Assembly Members. Taking Sim down as Governor will not be easy for the House of Assembly Members.

Democracy in Nigeria should be abolished as a matter of serious urgency….. These guys have successfully removed the citizens from the equation…… This can’t be a country or Democracy na…


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