One thing I detest so much about politicians is how they always tell lies boldly and sometimes coin a new word or phrase just in attempt to deceive the people.

The announcement of subsidy removal on petroleum products by president Tinubu has been hailed by some never do well politicians and many of them called his announcement during his inaugural speech a BOLD STATEMENT from the president. Please, may I ask what is a BOLD STATEMENT in that announcement that subsidy era is gone? Nigerians were aware of that since PIA 2021, we also know that Buhari government made arrangement for petrol subsidy payment in 2023 budget until the end of June 2023. So, why causing confusion, tension and unnecessary hardship as it’s been witness now all over Nigeria. That’s not a BOLD STATEMENT, if you ask me I will call it FIRST TINUBU’S BLUNDER. Honestly, this is not what Nigerians are expecting from a Renewed Hope preacher. I don’t think he actually wanted to make a BOLD STATEMENT because if he did, there are simply statement that would have made most Nigerians believe that they have gotten the right man that will lead them to the promise land.
(1) He should have called for devolution of power or regional government.
(2) He should have called for State or Regional Police.
(3) He should have announced the end of Open Grazing.
(4) He should have released prisoners like El ZakZarky and Nnamdi Kanu.
(5) He should have declared war on terrorists, kidnappers, UGM and crude oil thieves.

These are THE BOLD STATEMENTS I think he should have made. If you want to make a BOLD STATEMENT do that that will bring positive change and celebration in the land and not what will turn everywhere upsidedown and exacerbate the pains, agonies and hardships that the people are hoping that a messiah will come and rescue them from. Please, this one on your first day is not a BOLD STATEMENT, but your FIRST BLUNDER, Nigerians have suffered enough and one more blunder like this may set the Nigeria ablaze, we shall keep reminding you of your promises (RENEWED HOPE).

Chukwuemeka Chibuzor is DG of Good Governance Ministry


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