BVI Channel 1 is using the Biafran ideology of equity,fairness and justice to serve you.We have always believed that our people have suffered enough and should not and never be allowed to suffer any more.

The best way to show our people love is to serve them , to give them excellent and first class treat devoid of propaganda and to always tell them the truth and nothing but the truth.

In a society that has lost her moral values,in a society where majority of the people cherish lies and abhor truth,BVI Channel 1 has been standing alone in the renew mission to remain consistent in giving the ordinary people an independent global voice they deserve.

It is the opinion of the Editorial Crew that truth stands the test of time, therefore we must continue with our gospel of truth no matter whose ox is gored.

You can now send news around your community to BVI Channel 1 whatsapp line +234-8104207522 for prompt publication .Tell the world your story in the spirit of Democracy in Nigeria.

Thank you and may God bless you.

From the Editorial Desk


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