An amalgamation of support groups across Nigeria’s 36 states under the aegis of G36 Renewed Hope Support Group has called on President Bola Tinubu to compensate them with board appointments.

To underscore their frustration, the support groups said their members stole and borrowed money to oil the campaign wheels of Mr Tinubu.

“Your Excellency, you are a grassroots politician, so you are aware of all we must have passed through during the election. Many of our support groups borrowed, begged, indirectly stole and sold our properties to ensure victory for you at the poll,” stated the groups in Lagos on Wednesday at a press conference. “On this note, we are speaking in one voice, appealing to you that we deserve to be compensated.”

The group’s leader, Samson Bilesanmi, noted that “we know we cannot all be your ministers, special assistants, or chief of staff, but you can appoint us into federal boards and agencies which are over 200 in number.”

It went further to call the president’s attention to how the earlier amalgamated support groups disappointed them, urging Mr Tinubu to disband them.

“Your Excellency should dissolve the amalgamated and replace it with another name,” stated Mr Bilesanmi. “This is because anything given under that umbrella would be cornered by few individuals who could not account for millions given to us during the campaign.”

This is the beginning of entitlement system in Nigeria instead of productive politics



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